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Original Home Decor Productions

We are a London based, home design focused company that is heavily invested in designing artwork and designer wallpapers, we only offer the best quality and original art you will find over 20 main categories and over 9000 original designs in our online store.

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We are a London based, home design focused company that is heavily invested in designing artwork and designer wallpapers, we only offer the best quality and original art you will find over 20 main categories and over 15000 original products in our online store. here you should find all you need for a beautiful wall and home decorations with original designs.

About US

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We have created over the years many many designs and converted them into beautiful wallpaper features for your lovely space, no matter what are you trying to decorate : A living room, a Bathroom or even a Kitchen our non woven high quality wallpapers can be easily cleaned with mild soap and water, making them an ideal option for busy areas of the home. In terms of application, non-woven wallpaper is the most user-friendly option on the market to date, very easy to hang and hassle free! So, instead of sticking the paper, with the non-woven, you rather stick the wall and the wallpaper can be placed dried against the wall. It does not need soaking time, so it’s not only easier, but faster.

In conclusion, the non-woven wallpaper is also tear-resistant, which facilitates its application, it can be easily re-positioned and even the entire strip can be removed and rehung from scratch, without damaging the wall or paper painted.

Our Core Values: Passion, Design, Customer focus & HONOR :

These values constitute the “canvas” of WALLDESIGNERS UK. They strengthen our unity and illustrate the reality of our ambition: to transform and enrich the interiors of our customers. Only The Best Product is offered to our clients and also working by filtering, meaning that we are ready to be criticized, hated on or loved by our customers by enhancing our production each step of the process that we called: Walldesigners.


When it comes to choosing the right wallpaper for your next decorating project, design is essential, but that should not be the only deciding factor. There are different wallpaper substrates with different properties and application processes that you need to consider before your next project. With this in mind, you can choose the wallpaper to use and avoid disappointment.

The world of wallpaper has undergone a revolution in recent years with the introduction of non-woven wall coverings, also known as non-woven wall coverings. This substrate is made of natural and synthetic fibers, which means that the wallpaper is both breathable and washable. When we say that it is breathable, it means that there is no vapor barrier that can create mold, which can happen with other substrates. This feature makes the non woven backing ideal for kitchens and bathrooms.

Wall Designers :  Producers Of Wall Murals & Mural Decorations:

We offer a wide collection of non-woven wallpaper, Murals and other decorative objects for all types of spaces. Travel to the Wall Designers shop and find your next favorite design.


We take a new approach to wallpaper and give you the best choice of design to help you create a unique and personal space for you. We ethically source the highest quality non-woven papers to ensure a vivid print with high definition. Our papers are durable and easy to install.

Modern wall tapestries are an easy, original and economical way to make an impressive decoration for any interior, no matter if you like the color, the industrial style or the rustic style. Wallpaper is a great method of wall decorating, but it’s also a way to show off, to show off your personality.

If you’re looking for inspiration, check out our best wall tapestries for homes and commercial spaces. These wall decorations are a great way to add a real wow factor to your wall. Inspirational wallpaper designs for any room you want to revitalize, allowing you to get creative with your interior style.

Picture Framed Posters

 These amazing framed pictures make the perfect gift for any occasion. The beautiful frames are made from high quality material and in different color options.

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