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11 Studio Apartment Room Divider Ideas

After a long subway ride, between a granny with shopping bags and a beefy guy taking up all the space, all you want is a place to relax! Unfortunately, if you live in a studio apartment where your sleeping, eating, and working spaces overlap, your “home sweet home” can feel just as cluttered as public transportation!

The same applies if you rent an apartment.

There is a very important difference between the comfort of a normal apartment compared to that of a studio but also their respective rents! If you own a studio, your biggest challenge would be figuring out how to add the pieces when you only have one at the base.

You could hire an interior designer or designer to build a hanging bed, a miniature dining room or an open kitchen; or you could implement a few of these simpler, less expensive tricks to create multiple living spaces in your studio. Today, we are only focusing on room partitions as a solution for studio apartment partitioning, these beautiful blinds screens will completely change the look of you space while keeping all the privacy that you’ll need for a studio apartment room divider.

1. Have a layout plan, and don’t forget to include the “doors”

Before you even think about partitions, you need to know what spaces you want to create.

  • Which corners do you not use too much?
  • What uses do you really want to create or develop?
  • Decide which corners and areas of your studio will become your bedroom, living room, dining room and kitchen.
  • Once you have drawn up a fictitious plan of your future studio transformed into two rooms (or more), begin to group together (or plan to buy) the equipment that suits both the space and the function of each area, and don’t forget to include the entries.

It can all start in your head, but like any plan, it needs to be kept as accessible as possible so that it can be rolled out effectively.

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2. Think outside the walls with shelves.

When one of your goals is to maximize space, the more practical a solution, the better.

  • Install shelves perpendicular to a wall to divide living spaces
    and add valuable storage space in your small studio apartment, future two-room apartment.
  • Shelves don’t have to go all the way to the ceiling, but for the illusion and extra space, go up high.

Do not settle for a low piece of furniture as a separating island between living spaces.

3. Think of walls, like curtains or half walls

In a studio, as in any small apartment, every square centimeter counts.

So if you want to physically separate your bedroom you can use:

new room dividers 2022 uk walldesigners ukeither to use curtains;

  • either to put a half wall;
  • either to use a Room divider.;
  • or even use the headboard as a divider.
  • the curtains when drawn, the curtains give you a lot of privacy while taking up a few millimeters of space and you are ready to get out of bed and expand the room, you just have to slide them.

And if you lack DIY skills, don’t worry. A rod and fabric couldn’t be easier to hang.

A temporary half-wall divides the area of a studio. This is a good idea for a rental where it is forbidden to build anything permanent.

For a designer partition without breaking the bank, combine wood and custom storage to create some privacy in a bedroom. The bespoke room divider adds rustic character to a shabby chic studio apartment.

The headboard doubles as a room divider and cleverly conceals a full-size trundle bed. When partially extended, the mattress turns into a sofa. When it’s time to crash, just pull the bed all the way out.

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4. For movie lovers: Install a projection screen.

When most people think of essential living spaces, they probably think of the dining room, bedroom, and office or living room.

In this image, however, the owner wanted a personal home theater, so he added a projector screen at the foot of his bed.

Installation is easier than you might think, and the transparent panel lets light in, helping to keep the space open.

5. Coordinate the colors of each living space

Whether or not you add physical dividers, every living space in your studio needs tonal separation.


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Interior of modern bedroom with bicycle

Your mind should sense some distinction between sleeping and eating areas, and color variations can do the trick.

For each separate space in your apartment, choose a subtle color and theme to make it psychologically distinct.

Do not hesitate to play on the “camaieux”.

Overall, your apartment should be cohesive, but even small decorating choices, like pairing a blue blanket on the sofa and a ceramic blue bird on the coffee table, can separate each living space.

6. Hang hanging lamps

Since you need a well-lit apartment anyway, invest in pendant lights to create another visual division within your studio.

Not only do these pendant lights save floor space because they hang from the ceiling, but the pendant lights are also easy to install or DIY.

Hang two or three wires with pendant lights to create a discreet and practical barrier that separates your kitchen and dining room from your sofa or bed.

7. Buy a bar cart

It is not necessary to have a separate room to create a separate kitchen. Use a bar cart to divide the space in an original way and add valuable counter and storage space for your activities in the kitchen

A bar cart is also an economical solution in every sense of the word. Many bar carts only take up a few square feet of floor space, and you can find inexpensive options just about anywhere.

8. Create a hanging closet

Unless you’re renting that 5-legged sheep that is a studio apartment with four closets, you need a place to store your clothes as much as any other living space.

You can put your seasonal clothes in the wardrobe, but you still have to make room for the rest, and we suggest building a floating closet.

Like the brilliant design above, floating closets can maximize storage space while adding a unique magical element to your small living space.

9. Put your couch at the foot of your bed.

Separating your living spaces doesn’t get any easier than this trick, which works for almost any studio. Place your sofa at the foot of your bed so that your back faces your sleeping area when you are seated.

With or without an additional physical barrier, the psychological divide is clear.

10. Invest in a space-saving bed

Perhaps the best way to separate your bedroom/sleeping space is to put them apart:

  • either against the wall with a retractable bed,
  • either near the ceiling with a loft bed
  • Both types of beds have their pros and cons, but both free up floor space for a living room or dining area. Another advantage: they can be incredibly beautiful.

The Murphy bed can be a real gimmick. There are completely crazy models.

11. Invest in a Decorative Screen

The screen for more privacy during your fittings after a shopping session, you know, right? So why not divert it to other uses for a unique interior in your image? Equipped with several hinged panels, the screen makes it possible to separate two areas of the same room without having to install a partition. The impression of space therefore remains intact. But you can also personalize the decor of your room by using it as a headboard: ideal for a touch of fantasy! You can use it as a towel rack or curtain in the bathroom for a cozy moment. In the living room, it creates a cozy reading area. Let its pattern add cachet to your room or opt for a model to personalize with a jumble of photos.


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