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2 Original Ways to Use Wallpaper in the bedroom like a pro

As Wallpaper producers & design enthusiast, we really like working in the bedroom because i truly believe that this room is the most underrated room in the house, you make love in it, sleep in it, read in it and even eat in it,( like i do right now while writing this article, you can tell now the where the idea of this post comes from “literally” ) no one is paying attention to this room, oh the guest are in the living room, guest rooms must be very nice and we totally ignore the bedroom.
This room is where you’ll get ideas about your work, reflect on your life and spend approximately : 26 years of our lives that is equal to 9,490 days or 227,760 hours, depending how you look at it.
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Searching on the interwebs for wallpaper ideas for the bedroom means that you are searching for decoration using wallpapers because they are the most quickest, cheapest and the most original way to change a bedroom look.
many people think that wallpaper for a bedroom is an old idea, not with these new age designs that many manufacturers propose for the bedroom ( including us )
In this short blog we will address two methods on how to decorate a bedroom using wallpapers.


The Wall Murals are a practical idea for the bedroom, you can mount a single complete wallpaper design in a wall, this decoration “technique” is called : Wall accentuation, it means that you leave the 3 other walls empty and only wrap a single wall in the bedroom. 
For color palette choices : it depends on the furniture that you already have in the bedroom, for light colors in the bedroom, add a bit of dept and dare to put some darkness in the room, if the colors are dark, you’ll know what to do ( Hint : Pastel colors & white patterns they are simply : magnificent )
 For Placement choices : if you have windows facing you, use wallpaper in the windowless walls, if your windows are in parallel to you, wallpaper the wall facing you even if you have your “table de nuit” there, wallpaper the wall then add your furniture.
For design choices : You are totally free here, use artistic designs or repeated modern patterns, i’ll provide some ideas down below.


If you’re thinking of investing in a new headboard for your bedroom, you might want to consider the facts: furniture is expensive. If you’re not quite ready to go out and invest in a high-quality head of bed, the most cost-effective option for you can be a wallpaper. A variety of aesthetic preferences can be accommodated simply by using a wall mural behind your bedroom wall.
2 Original Ways to Use wallpaper in the Bedroom like a pro
In this case, your main concern should be the motif choice & the placement of the headboard as wallpaper . we propose two ways to do that ;
  • 1-  Find the correct dimensions of the headboard that you wish to use, a good rule of thumb is to select a size just a little bigger that you’ve measured around 5 to 9 cm larger than the size of the bed ( headboard style . For Motif choice : We recommend colors that can complement or blend with the paint in the wall.
  • 2- Simply purchase a geant wallpaper that can fit your bedroom wall in full. For Motif choice in this case, choose a color that will accentuate & complement your bedroom furniture color & style.
Here are some of our creations for the bedroom, every image is an adhesive wallpaper designed especially for the bedroom, they are available in multiple sizes, you can install them however you like, as headboard only, an accent wallpaper for the bedroom wall &/or a stylish wall decoration for your bedroom.
I hope i gave you some ideas on how to use the wallpaper for the bedroom walls in a more efficient way, if you have any suggestion, please leave a comment down below or contact me at :
Until next time, have a lovely day.

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