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About Adhesive Wallpapers : Ideas & Answers

What’s an adhesive wallpaper ?

a beautiful collection of adhesive wallpapers for bedrooms and living rooms in the uk a beautiful peel & stick wallpaper will be all you'll need for the perfect decoration

In general, Adhesive wallpaper is made from self-adhesive vinyl. The self-adhesive side is covered with a liner which will then be removed during installation to stick the wallpaper directly on the wall. The so-called micropoint technique allows the wallpaper to be installed easily and without bubbles. Focus on this new technology: 50% of the self-adhesive surface is made up of microdots containing glue, the remaining 50% are non-sticky. It is thanks to this technique that it is possible to take off and re-stick the wallpapers again during installation. This is the principle of a so-called repositionable wallpaper or strippable wallpaper adhesive.

Our Adhesive wallpapers are just the same as regular Vinyl peel & stick wallpapers, the only difference is the type of fabric we use to make our beautiful sticky wallpapers, non woven paper that is 30% more strong, leave no trace on any wall/surface type and is convenient for children’s room ( Not chemically processed wallpaper like vinyl wallpaper )

Are Adhesive wallpapers easy to remove ?

We will give you a quick guide on how to remove adhesive wallpapers easy :

Peel off self-adhesive or prepasted wallpaper :

  • 0. You will need to know from your wallpaper provider if the peel & stick wallpaper can be easily removed (They should state that on the bottom of their product page)
  • 1. Start at the top corners and pull the wallpaper down gently, working parallel to the wall.
  • 2. If you plan to reuse the adhesive wallpaper, remove them very slowly and gently and be careful that the adhesive sides do not touch each other! They will be very difficult to separate later.
  • 3. If some sections of the wallpaper are harder to remove, try putting hot water and a little vinegar in a spray bottle, let it sit and continue gently

The best thing about adhesive wallpapers is that they leave no trace on a wall after peeling off the wallpaper, that’s why they are the best idea for tenants who want to spice up their room without causing any issues or have to pay damage repairs to the wall.walldesigners customers reviews and influencers00022

Is wallpaper paste the same as wallpaper adhesive?

Quick answer, they are not, adhesive wallpaper need little to no wall preparation and they already provided with an adhesive that sticks & can be removed easily from a wall, wallpapers that are not adhesives, require a special glue that need to be applied to a wall, let it sit for at least 10 minutes and then start applying wallpaper stripes on the wall.

Please note that this method does not mean that the non adhesive wallpaper is stronger than adhesive wallpaper, they have the same non woven fabric with the same density. adhesive wallpaper are more practical, that’s why they are prefered over the traditional non adhesive wallpapers.

What do you think are the main advantages and disadvantages of adhesive wallpapers ?

Adhesive Wallpapers are the easiest & faster solution to hide imperfections in the walls. They have a huge advantage over plain paintings, it is their speed and ease of installation. The disadvantage, as their name suggests, is that you will still have to go through the painting step afterwards.
Printed or decorative adhesive wallpapers now offer, thanks to the work of publishers, an impressive choice of patterns and materials. In addition, their installation is now much easier than before. For most of them, it is no longer enough to glue the wall which will have been cleared of its defects beforehand.
The downside of adhesive wallpapers is that despite its steady improvement in recent years, it continues to complement paint, but cannot replace it, unless you are thinking of feature adhesive wallpaper, in this case, you can always leave the wall unpainted and install wallpaper on top of it, just make sure to apply primer on a wall for protection purposes.

The benefits of adhesive wallpaper :

Adhesive wallpaper has many advantages that will convince you to use it, here they are:
Easy installation: When purchasing, find out because some adhesive wallpapers are said to be “repositionable”. That is to say that when you put it down you can take it off and position it again to ensure a perfect pose and rendering.
Be careful though, once completely installed you will not be able to remove it to put it again on another wall. 
Note : Our adhesive wallpapers can be removed on mounted on another wall, you can only this with our wallpapers.
  • Does not damage the walls: Another big plus point of adhesive wallpaper is that it is easy to peel off. In addition, once removed from the wall you will have no trace on it. This is an argument of choice for tenants, children’s rooms or for all those who love change.
  • Easy to change: With adhesive wallpaper, you decide how long it lasts. As explained above, it’s so easy to put on and take off that it’s easy to change your mind whenever you want.
The choice is endless : There is something for everyone! You have a huge choice of adhesive wallpapers that adapt to any interior and any room. Enough to create the atmosphere that suits you the most!
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Can you show me a quick way to install an adhesive wallpaper ?
I have two answers, one is short and the other is long, the short answer : Youtube Search.
The long answer is :  To achieve a perfect pose,
  • start by making sure your wall is perfectly smooth.
  • Then draw a vertical line on the wall that will serve as your starting point.
  • Then peel off one corner of the adhesive part. Align the wallpaper along the vertical line you drew on the wall.
  • Press hard on the paper here. Then continue to apply the wallpaper, removing the protective film as you go.
  • Remember to always press well on the part you stick on the wall.
  • installation is usually easier with two people.
  • Make sure to always smooth the paper from the inside out to make it easier to remove any air bubbles that may form.
  • If you need more than one sheet of peel and stick wallpaper, carefully align the second sheet with the first for a perfect match.
  • If air bubbles persist after installation is complete, lift the sheet of wallpaper slightly and remove the bubbles using a smoothing spatula.
  • You can also simply pierce the bubbles gently with a needle (please do not use this technique if you aren’t familiar with wallpaper installations, use a spatula as written above)

Bonus tipe : Follow this guide on how to install adhesive wallpapers for your wall.

Can you use wallpaper glue on self adhesive wallpaper ?

We do not recommend using wallpaper glue on adhesive wallpaper, but technically it can be done, just use non woven glue, apply it on the wall, then start applying wallpaper strip by strip.
Please not that it will not be as easy to remove. Why use non woven glue : it will leave your walls with less residue when removing wallpaper. 
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Be honest, are adhesive wallpapers any good ?

As a wallpaper manufacturer and seller, take our answer as opinion with a grain of salt  :

Adhesive wallpaper is not only fashionable but also simple and convenient to use. It also has the advantage of being removable and repositionable. You can put it on easily and take it off just as easily to change your style regularly, according to your desires. It is therefore possible to install it temporarily or for a longer period. Additional advantage: it leaves no marks on the wall when removed. This turns out to be very practical. In addition, today it is possible to find a very wide range of patterns and colors that will allow everyone to find the adhesive wallpaper that suits both their tastes and their decoration. Finally, this coating is economical and is therefore affordable for all wallets.

Can you propose to me some of adhesive wallpaper ideas?

Sure we can, the best adhesive wallpapers in the UK / EU market by far are our adhesive wallpapers, why, because we use the best ingredients to fabricate a wallpaper : Non woven paper + Organically inhouse made tonners with thermal heating + a protection secrete coat that blocks sun rays from being absorbed by the wallpaper and give it that mat finish for an organic type wallpaper, it leaves no smell after  installation and perfect for kids rooms as well as your own bedroom, the kicker is that they can also be used in pool rooms & bathrooms.

We only do not recommend using them as outside wallpapers, if you decide the wallpaper our adhesive murals on the outside, the lifespan of the wallpaper will be reduced by 75%.

Lifespan of our adhesive wallpapers : 5 to 10 years. after this period, we recommend removing them and offer them to recycling, they are 100% recycled.

Okay, i will stop rambling about our beautiful wallpapers and show you some of our best creations so far :

Have a look on our best selling adhesive wallpapers categories, these 3 categories are all you’ll need to decorate any wall with peel & stick wall murals :


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