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Adhesive Wallpapers : The complete Guide

Tired of that white wall, but giving it new life scares you? Why not turn to a practical decoration trick, easy to set up, and above all, replaceable in the blink of an eye if you tire of it?

Self-adhesive wallpaper is the shocking ally of interiors looking for something new, without having to launch major renovations. A solution widely appreciated by tenants who wish to make their home to their liking, without risking losing their deposit. How to adopt self-adhesive wallpaper? What are the trendy models? Where can I find original prints? We take stock.

This very long article will be your only guide for a professional wallpaper installation + all the information you’ll need to decide if this your thing or no.

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How to mount adhesive wallpaper like a pro ?

No need for glue or specific material. Here is the promise for the installation of the adhesive wallpaper, repositionable and which can be re-peeled. An argument that has everything to seduce! All you have to do is remove the adhesive sheet from the wallpaper and position it against the wall. Most manufacturers provide detailed information as well as installation instructions, our installation guide is printed on the back of each wallpaper roll to be with you at any stage of the operation. (sounds fancy ^^) ok enough marketing let’s get to the details.

Prepare the laying surface :

Two basic rules before putting up your repositionable wallpaper:

  • Clean the surface to be coated with a degreaser. The latter must be perfectly smooth and dry before installation.
  • Avoid installation on a wall that has been freshly painted (wait at least 3 weeks)

The necessary tools :

Even if you don’t need any specific material, the following tools ensure easier installation and a clean finish.

  • a pair of scissors
  • a spirit level
  • a metal ruler
  • a cutter
  • a pencil
  • a smoothing spatula

Toturial of adhesive wallpaper mounting :

in less than 15 minutes, you will have finished your adhesive wallpaper operation. don’t worry, if it’s wrong positioned, you can take off, adjust and put it back at any time. peel off the liner (protective sheet on the back of the wallpaper) to a length of 20 to 30 cm, then position and stick the adhesive from the top of the wall. press the glued part with a soft cloth to remove any bubbles. in case of a large presence of bubbles, peel off the paper from the affected area, and slowly re-glue the paper by blowing up the cloth, gradually along the line of the paper. continue to take off the liner to a new 20-30cm length, repeat the bonding sequence ( our wallpapers comes with 40 cm width band for large sizes “with perfect fitting, no adjustment needed and no traces of the lines will be visible” ). insist on angles and edges to optimize grip, if needed by using a small marouflage squeegee (preferably soft and with felt edge). that’s it !

A video explaining all about the adhesive wallpapers ( peel & stick kind )

We found a beautiful Youtube video on the internet from a channel called ” nailed it”,  the presenter will be explaining for you all you need for a perfect mounting, The only difference is that they didn’t use our self adhesive wallpaper ” we should be in contact with them and send them our wallpaper for them to test it. Subscribe to our newsletter to see if we get to make it on their channel 😄, lets create a saga, ok enough talking, here’s the video, enjoy :


In which rooms should i put adhesive wallpapers ?

All of them! I repeat, all of them! did i say all of them? No constraints for the parts, provided you choose a suitable model. Certain adhesive wallpapers are in fact specially designed to be welcomed with open arms in wet rooms. In the kitchen, in credenza, it must be able to be cleaned in the event of cooking projections. As for bedrooms, living room, hall, etc., the selection is endless. You can even use it to decorate toilets and toilets ^^

For the Kitchen :

As surprising as it sounds, peel and stick wallpaper in the kitchen is yes! Provided that the latter can be easily cleaned if necessary.

For the Bathroom ( yes it can be mounted there ) :

To give character to a bathroom that is sorely lacking, no need to break everything. By adding coatings specially designed to cover old tiles, you’re good to go.

For the living room :

The major asset of this show? Its “old-fashioned wall hanging” spirit adhesive wallpaper with an incredible forest print or florals.

For the dining room :

To brighten up this ultra refined dining room with 3D & industrial decor, self-adhesive wallpaper has been added to the main wall. trendy and efficient !

For the adult’s bedroom :

Thanks to this self-adhesive “ Alabaster Garden with self adhesive material” wallpaper, this bohemian-style white bedroom instantly takes on another dimension. the other one is just an astonishing dark jungle design.

For the kids room :

The reason that peel and stick wallpaper is more practical than ever in a child’s room is that, as they grow older, you can easily replace it with a new one without much work.

For the office room :

Bring some good humor to your office area by simply adding some sticky wallpaper. Here, a floral or landscape model creates a soothing, tropical atmosphere, we know, tropical living is the way for successful people.

The 5 advantages of self-adhesive wallpaper :

Removable and repositionable: easy to install, easy to remove! or at least our adhesive wallpapers that you can discover right on this beautiful website

Removable and repositionable: easy to install, easy to remove! or at least our adhesive wallpapers that you can discover right on this beautiful website

Temporary or long-term: do you get bored quickly or do you regularly want to go back to decorating? Peel and stick wallpaper is a temporary solution (suitable for tenants), but one that you can also put in place over the long term.

The Choice Available: As you can find out in this guide, the choices are simply overwhelming! we used to make at least 800 product per categories ( our traditional non woven wallpapers that needs glue to be mounted ) now we have focused on our best 800 overall designs and convert them to self adhesive wallpapers

Economical: the wide choice also makes it possible to find cheap adhesive wallpaper, for all budgets and all sizes ( we run a big sale at the moment 35% + free shipping  “thank you UK gov for this”  for anyone who’s interested in adhesive wallpapers, the quality of our wallpapers is really unmatched, yes we said it.

Can we really pose the adhesive wallpapers that easy?

Removable and repositionable wallpaper seems like a silver bullet. Be careful, however, good preparation for the installation is essential.

By following our instructions and preparing the surface, for example, you will prevent air bubbles from appearing. Proper installation also allows the adhesive wallpaper to hold over time and not have any peeling at the edges. This is common if the laying surface is unsuitable or poorly prepared.

That said, you don’t have to be a DIY or renovation pro to get started! The most important thing, again, is to prepare the surface well so that it is clean and smooth.

The big advantage is that if you have a “miss,” this repositionable wallpaper allows you to correct errors and achieve the look you want.

Last tip, two people are highly recommended to hang the adhesive wallpaper. It’s possible on its own, but it’s more complicated. also this operation should be a fun experience not a must do thing. 

While installing self-adhesive wallpaper is a snap, note that this coating is not suitable for all surfaces. Avoid tile, brick, lime, and concrete. Prefer smooth surfaces with little roughness so that the result is there.


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