All about canvas prints

All About Canvas Prints – How to choose & Where to buy the best wall art

There are a lot of canvas print suppliers out there, each with their own claims to excellence. But when you dig into it, it turns out there isn’t actually a true market leader. The real leader is the print company that makes the highest quality prints without any compromises and with a customer service record that back up their reputation. So which of the many companies claiming to offer the Great Wall of China, or the Taj Mahal, or the Parthenon in Athens really has the best product?

How to use canvas prints ( tips used by home decorative architectes )

Just like anything else, it all comes down to personal preference. When it comes to canvas prints, we prefer prints that have vintage feel but remain modern. Vintage art is typically created using thick thick papers which make for large, wall hanging pieces. On the other hand, modern art is often created by printing smaller prints and then applying water-based varnish to give an old newspaper-paper kind of texture. Over the years, I’ve owned quite a few different types of photos, most of which are stored in a photo album/card case. What did we do ? we combined vintage quality with modern designs to create the WALL DESIGNERS UK’s canvas prints.

We all like to have a unique piece of art that represents us. You may be thinking, I don’t need a canvas print, I already have a digital painting” But this surprises most people who are just starting to explore the world of fine art. A canvas painting is just that: A painting. It can be made out of paper or displayed on a wall (if it’s big enough). There’s no magic recipe for making a good canvas print. It all comes down to what the artist wants out of his or her work.

The greatest thing about canvas prints is that you can do whatever you want with them. Like other types of art, they have characteristics that vary based on the manufacturer and the type of print you choose. But when all is said and done, it comes down to several things—the overall feel of the print, the density of the colors used, and how close they are in saturation and texture. When it comes to canvas prints, if you open up your mind and allow yourself to be inspired by the possibilities, anything is possible. If you have some time, please have a look on one of our favourite collections to display them in your home or office.

Whether it’s genuine works of art, or simple reproductions, how you place your paintings in your home is crucial. Without proper planning, in addition to making a lot of unnecessary holes, you might be disappointed with the effect! Original Wall Arts are the final touch so it is important to install them last, once your furniture has found its final position.
  • Respect the proportions : Place a large canvas on a large wall, or a group of paintings that will occupy a large volume. Avoid placing a small painting on a large wall, it will look lost!
  • Choose the right height : A general rule of thumb is eye level (about 65 inches  or 165.1 centimeters from the ground) that you place paintings, but this rule may change as appropriate. For example in the bedroom, we will place a small canvas a few inches above the bedside table, next to the lamp, in a trio composition. In the dining room, we lower it slightly to approach the height of the table.
  • Create cohesive compositions : If you choose to install more than one canvas, it is better to create a sequence, or a certain alignment that will provide a link between the paintings or wall decorations chosen. The important thing is to hollow out the scatter. For a uniform look, we will use tables of the same size, with the same type of framing, but we can also have fun in a more eclectic way. Consistency can be maintained by creating links of color and / or style.
  • Installation of Canvases : Installing Wall Decor correctly does not necessarily mean nailing into the framing. But you must get the right anchors considering the weight of the tables. The challenge lies in installing the multi-frame compositions. Here is a foolproof tip so you don’t go wrong!

How to search for canvas prints online ?

There are several reasons canvas prints have become so popular. The first and most obvious is the incredible demand for excellent reproductions. Prior to 2005, marketplace prices for canvas prints were often double or even triple the retail price of similar contemporary artworks. Today, if you search for reasonably priced canvas prints through Google Images, you will find hundreds of thousands of images matching your search criteria—often at prices that could not be beat.

We know you’re busy, so without wasting your time, we can only think of one place to get premium prints of your beloved art. We made sure that this place have flat settings, great shipping rates, and are easy to get to. All you need to do to get started is search for popular and original designs and use their discount code when checking out. this unique place will be popping up everywhere online and offline in the near future so be sure to keep an eye on it!!

Ok enough, the pace called : and it’s us, we create beautiful and high quality reproductions with various styles, designs and types. In this article, we will begin to give arguments on why we recommend our own canvas prints?

Choose the perfect print :

Searching By print colors :

Did you know that in the Wall decorating world there is a big difference between room color palettes and art color palettes? In art, it is easier to use bright colors.
There are two main approaches to selecting your wall art by color. First, you must make sure to keep and reuse colors already present in the room you want to decorate. In the majority of cases, sticking to a consistent pattern is cohesive, sophisticated, and complementary. Here are the basic principles of this approach:
  • Your most important piece of art should have a background color that matches the color of your wall. (ideally in a living room or a bedroom)
  • Refer to the color wheel when choosing complementary shades.
  • Only choose a work of art if that exact shade is already in your room. (Most pieces shouldn’t exceed four colors to look harmonious.)
  • if in doubt about the color, stick to black and white. Black and white harmonize with everything, while adding elegance to an already existing structure.
  • Avoid bright colors and neon lights, as they don’t always harmonize with neutral wall colors.(use this only if you identify yourself with bright colors)
  • Make sure that the colors of your walls are proportional to their presence in the room. For example, if your room is black and white with red cushions, choose black and white murals with a touch of red.
  • You can also choose artwork that features bolder tones but still stick to the same color scheme. The color of your walls does not restrict your palette, but rather serves as the basis for the evolution of your personal style.

Note to ourselves in the future : We will start to work on filtering all of our canvas prints by colors, when you read this, you should be able to filter through canvas prints by colors. if you are a time traveller and got here sooner, just go through all our categories of premium canvas prints and you should find your beloved design.

Searching By decor style 

Did you build your house around a theme or a certain atmosphere? It might not have been your original intention, but a lot of people choose items based on mood or atmosphere, sometimes even subconsciously.
For example, a house that looks like a beach house has light walls, artwork with beaches, sunsets, driftwood rooms, etc. And by eliminating wall decorations and intruding objects in your theme then you will make decorating a breeze.

Why we have choosen us as your best canvas print supplier in the uk ?

Ok, the moment of truth, wana have the best quality canvas print that are very sophisticated and not so costly? here why, we will try to give arguments via bullet points so you can apply these standards on other suppliers that can be trusted to deliver the best wall art out there. here they are :

  • A wide range of styles, designs, shapes and decor ideas to choose from : more than 2500 original designs.
  • Organic materials :  Solid wooden frames, 100% organic canvases from italy, Germany and here in the UK,at least 85% of the product except for tonner colors “even though the tonner supplier said in their labeling that the tonners are 100% organic but we can’t verify that.
  • Top quality packaging, safe for transport and inside protected.
  • At least 1 year of full warranty (damage, heat exposure and also to just to replace your old design with a new one)
  • 3 to 5 days delivery ( production + shipping ) and 100% free to the UK.
  • Loved by our customers across all our sales channels.
  • 60 days to evaluate and test your product, don’t want it anymore? we return it and refund you in full. NO QUESTION ASKED.
  • Small company that actually looking for customers and want to serve them to get them back to our products again & again & again. So no compromises and shortcuts.
  • Experience in the home decor industry (Since 2008 back when we were just artists trying to get by).
  • We accept Buy Now & Pay later provided by non than the most coveted payment system : KLARNA.

The most important thing is that we will never lie to you, some delays in production? we will contact you to tell you what’s going on, you can decide whether you want to cancel or wait for a little longer for your order (this generally takes places in the busy times of the year : July, December, March)

Takeaways from this article :

If you are reading through this last paragraphes, you should be able to determine that this is a sales pitch to a relatively unknown company in the UK that offers artworks for sale, and you are 1000% true, these article should be able to hold us accountable for any wrong thing we do now or in the future.

We will be honored if you browse our offerings from time to time to get to know us and our work, your feedback is much appreciated and your purchase will put a big smile on our faces. Thank you for reading, time to show some of our finest wall art :


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