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Do you sometimes think where our inspirations for new reasons come from, how we control quality and if we are really the experienced manufacturer so that you can entrust us with the production of your paintings, Wall Murals or wall stickers? Check it yourself! We would like to introduce you to the whole manufacturing process of our products. Let us convince you that we use materials of the highest quality and that all orders are prepared with great commitment. We guarantee that we manufacture our products with the utmost care to best meet your needs.

Original paintings wall designers

Hand Painted Paintings are one of the most important products at Wall Designers. Patterns created personally by our best artists and painted by our experienced painters.
As soon as you order your painting, a very complicated process begins: we do our best so that the decoration you receive will perfectly reflect the motif that has enchanted you in our catalog. Discover the entire manufacturing process of our hand-painted paintings on organic canvas of superb quality!

From conception to the production of a painting wall designers


1- Did you like one of our designs? Before adding it to the WD catalog, this motif was precisely projected by the # 1 designer (the artist). It is he who will sign your painting on the final canvas.


2- After receiving an order painting by hand. Production begins work. The first step is the impression of the order of completion of your order that specifies details of your future wall decoration.


3- Next, we prepare the appropriate dimension of the canvas (superior quality, organic and durable) and extend it on a frame ensuring the edges with metal staples. This operation keeps the canvas taut and flexible.


4- When the canvas and the brush is in the hands of our artist, he always has the original motif before his eyes. You will receive the painting you have chosen – The rendering will be a unique design thanks to the unique tracing of each artist and each realization.


5- At WD, we work with the most talented and experienced artists. This ensures that your painting will be painted with great passion and finished with perfection. GUARANTEE


6- When the painter finishes his work, it is time for the first Quality Control if the painting is made according to the original project. We let it dry.


7- After a maximum of three days drying the board is ready for shipment. We proceed to its packaging. For nothing to be damaged during transport, the board is secured by bubble wrap.


8- Do you think that cardboard for paintings is an unimportant thing? Nothing is more wrong! We have specially optimized their sizes and weight to avoid damage to the board during transport.


6- The carefully packaged package is transported to logistics services. With a consignment note, the package then passes to the hands of our verified delivery partner UPS. Soon it will arrive at the address indicated and you will be able to decorate finally the walls of your house! (Do not forget to send us a photo of your final decoration that make us happy ??)

Wall Murals Wall designers

Wall mural Wall Murals are unique products. They are born in the studio of our creative graphic designers, among paintings and materials with interesting texture. They are looking for a special effect that caught their eye and will create an original pattern that your interior needs! The controlled pattern passes to the most modern printers.

We create decorations that are not only the usual impression in large format – it’s who counts it’s quality and manufacturing precision. Every wave on a heavenly beach must be clear, a rose in the printed vase must have the color as deep as in reality – our goal is to create the perfect product in every pixel, which will also be the lovely and original decoration! !

From the design to the production of the Wall Murals

1 2

1- When creating our designs, designers sometimes use images from the image bank, but most designs are 100% original. The inspiration is everywhere – a fractal pattern of the branch, a watercolor stain on the edge of the mug, a texture of a leaf ….

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2- Before starting the work we wait for your order to be confirmed by the receipt of payment. And then, the first step is always the impression of the order order specifying all the details of your future wallpaper. .

3 2

3- Wall Mural printing is always a big challenge! It requires the use of special printers, designed for long rolls and high print resolution (600 dpi).

4 2

4- After printing, roll of the wallpaper requires cutting into individual strips. In addition, each roll contains printed instructions always at the beginning that will facilitate the assembly.

5 3

5-After each step of the production we check if there are no manufacturing defects and the printing is impeccable. Only the papers that fulfill all our demanding criteria deserve a sign of quality Wall designers United Kingdoom.

6 1

6- The quality of the wallpaper has been confirmed? It is time to start packing. The first step: the protection of the product for transport. Roll wrapped carefully is still covered with a thick layer of wrapping paper.

7 2

7-Of course, you will not get your wallpaper like a soft scroll wrapped in paper. Thinking of thick rolls we have created long and thin packs, in which the rollers can be conveniently arranged. Safety during transport above all!

8 2

8- The hermetically packed package is forwarded to the logistics department. The staff will print a waybill, which will send the package directly to the address you have indicated. A few days after shipping you will be able to stick to the wall your new decoration!