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  • Deliverability :  4.3/5 starstarstarstarhalf star
  • Customer support : 4.9/5 starstarstarstarstar
  • After sales services : 4.8/5 starstarstarstarstar
  • Product overall quality : 4.5/5 starstarstarstarhalf star

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Laura / Verified Purchase
Holley.A / Verified Purchase
Pictures of damage through delivery 2
Sophie.T / Verified Purchase

Shop Replay : Dear Sophie, we are glad that you liked, it’s all that matters, don’t worry, we are in the process of making another one for you. We are thankful for your purchase.

Sasha Langer / Verified Purchase

Shop Replay : Dear Madam, we know exactly the way you’ve been treated by UPS, lets be totally clear : you have misspelled your name at checkout, we send the product exactly 5 days after you purchased our folding screen, when it’s arrived at your Zip code, the delivery person couldn’t agree to give you the product because they couldn’t verify the name on the label. we had to send special papers to UPS in order to clear the product for you, we did the best we can to speed up your process but this is the UK law.

After all, we are really glad that we have succeeded to deliver the product for you. please accept our product and our full refund to your name.

Best regards

Adnan. Walldesigners

Shop Replay : Dear Sasha, you don’t have to worry about anything, after the problem you’ve faced with UPS, we have changed our delivery process ( we made the delivery to be left at the ZIP CODE the customer stated at checkout ) so we don’t come up with the same issue again.

Please accept our folding screen as we will not be able to provide you with our bank credentials, this decision came after your beautiful last Email that we really appreciate. Let it be known, we will never hate or treat anyone differently just because they left 1 star on our shop. We are open to criticism and we love you so much, want to buy from us again? send us a message before you do to give you 50% off on your next order. your beautiful folding screen is free of charge 🥰

Best regards

Adnan. Walldesigners

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Jade.G / Verified Purchase
Avraham.Y / Verified Purchase

Shop replay : Dear Sir, we are happy that you found the product worthy to keep, as for the hinges, you are absolutely right, we installed small hinges for your room divider because we thought that you might use the extra weight to move around as you stated in your order note, the good news is that we changed our hinges supplier from china to the UK, we have stopped trading with the first company in china because the hinges seems to be not made from metal ( even though we tested their durability & folding plus unfolding multiple times ), you can easily change the hinges for something that will suite you better ( please refer to your Email to check the delivery date of new hinges (that we acquired from the UK) + a small gift to make it up to you, if you want a new room divider or made a mistake while installing them, contact us for a new one ( 100% free ).

Thank you so much for your feedback & we promis to keep working only with better hinges for better stability & folding/unfoldings of the screen.

Have a lovely day.

Best regards

Adnan / Walldesigners.

Tahir.O / Verified Purchase

Shop Replay : Dear Madam, we are sorry to heard that the folding screen came damaged (we have contacted UPS and they confirmed indeed that the folding screen may have been damaged in the final transport, we are in the processing phase of your new room divider, hopefully this one doesn’t get brek by UPS.

We will contact you one the room divider is cleared out of the workshop.

Thank you so much for your purchase, and don’t forget to update us with your progress 🥰

Best regards


Production manager

Walldesigners Uk

E. Randon / Verified Purchase
Emma.I / Verified Purchase
walldesigners uk customers reviews00003
Mark Jance / Verified Purchase
West.P / Verified Purchase
Cox.J / Verified Purchase
walldesigners uk customers reviews00007
Mark Jance / Verified Purchase

Shop Replay : Dear Mark, we are glad that you have decided to buy from us, just to clear thing out, at Amazon, we are obliged to add fees to cover our expenses at amazon ( Fulfillments, monthly fees etc ), this website will be our testing ground for new products and discounts. We only pay the hosting & do some small ads here & there to get people to shop small.

We know, it’s kinda hard to venture away from Amazon, but we will never know until we try no ?

Your words of encouragements put a big smile on our faces, thank you so much dear sir.

Joséphine.k / Verified Purchase
worldofwomen realisation clients decoration murale 316
Susanna Clements / Verified Purchase
worldofwomen realisation clients decoration murale 71

Found your website through Etsy, purchased a design that wasn’t there, loved the website & the final product.

Thank you wowodecor

Lisa.R / Verified Purchase

Has provided a really colourful screen in our conservatory to allow us to separate the cats area from a very inquisitive 18 month old. The product is good quality and has been well put together. It was delivered exactly as promised in a fit-for-purpose box with appropriate protection. Highly recommended.

kate.B / Verified Purchase

As a past buyer from Amazon, i would recommend buying from this website instead. I got charged an extra 50 pounds for brokerage fees & import taxes. Now i understand why they insist of promoting this website, clearly they are being screwed by amazon.

As always guys, great product, great service, great delivery. I vividly recommend this company .

Adam.S / Verified Purchase

Shop Replay : Dear Adam, we are happy that you managed to found our small website through Amazon, i’ll tell you exactly why you had to pay that extra 50 on amazon.

You see, the product comes from Poland ( our main Workshop base ) that in the EU, when you purchase from amazon UK, it’s treat you as a foreign customer ( they are based in the USA ) so you must pay our taxe ( that’s around 23 pounds ) + the delivery ( another 13.99 ) + fees & taxes to the USA ( around 20 dollars ).

When you buy here, we are a UK based company, so we handle all our accounting in house and we don’t pay extra fees to amazon, so it’s a win win situation, we just need more people buying from us in order to close our Amazon account. Everyone is talking about the 54 pounds that they had to pay in order to complete the checkout process.

a product that’s valued around 200 pounds will be 300 and extra, the more people buy from us the low we can offer this great product to you beautiful buyers.

Thank you so much for this dear sir.

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Ben.E / Verified Purchase

Shop Replay : Wow, you have described the product even better than we did, thank you so much for your extensive review, we are honored to serve you with something that suited you and your needs. We had some delays in production back in july but we managed to deliver your product ahead of schedule, we are extremely happy to do business with such a wonderful person. May god bless you and your loved ones.

Best regards

The production

Walldesigners Uk

worldofwomen realisation clients decoration murale 74
Zaho / Verified Purchase

Shop Replay : Thank you so much for your purchase and your review, we are happy that you liked it and we would like to announce that we stopped production on the 1 sided room divider as it had too many complaints from customers around the world. the 2 sided room divider will be our only made product until we propose something that will blow your mind ( room divider 3.0, that’s all i’m allowed to say)

Sunny regards

The production.

What is the weight of the 3 and 5 panels please?
The double-sided 3-panel room divider weights about 5.75kg.
The double-sided 5-panel room divider weights about 9.60kg.
Can I choose my specific painting ?

Replay by past customer: Unfortunately no, I wondered this myself (i even asked them), although there is a huge selection of designs in the range, any one of the ones you pick will look stunning. I have bought two myself and it makes a huge difference to the rooms I have then in and if you want any more advice try and by one that is double sided it will make all the difference ( i recommend buying from this website instead of amazon, why? you will get charged 54 pounds extra if you’re in the UK even though they seems to be the same company under different names)

Can you use this outside ?


Our room dividers are meant to be used indoors. We have not tested them outside, and we can not guarantee they will not get damaged due to the changing weather conditions. That is why we do not recommend using them outdoors.
Best regards.

Past Buyer answers : Not sure I would, yes for casual use but not left overnight or bad weather, it’s made of material so could easily damage…. that said I do really like it (for inside)

Do you have to pay duty on this item now we are out of the EU?

Hello there, we are a UK company, VAT are on us not on the client, if you purchase from us via amazon though, you will have to pay an extra 54 pounds.

if you purchase from this website and you are from the UK, the final price is the one you see on the product page, no extra fees.

Could you tell me what width it is when its folded up ? I need to know what size as it will be stored some of the time

Past Buyer Response : Hi, it is 44cm wide and 17 cm deep when fully folded. Hope this helps.DL

Does each hinge fold both ways? I.e., is it possible to put it in a half-circle?

On Wall Designers, yes ( we produce the 2 sided version). on Amazon, check with your supplier before making a purchase.

Past Buyer Response : Yes each hinge folds both ways. It can be positioned in a semi circle,

Do you rent them ?

Hi, unfortunately no.

Past buyer answer : i felt like a complete idiot when i asked them that, someone said to me via messenger : Look, why rent a room divider “a plain one”  for 40 to 60 pounds per event, when you can buy this forever for X2 or X3 the renting price, and you know what’s beautiful? they have Klarna here, means that you can pay in X4 with no interest, i’ve tried it and it worked, i got charged like 39 pounds per mount for 4 months to pay out my room divider. Hope this helps, cheers, Samantha

Are these screens easy to put together and do they fold flat

Past Buyer Answer : Very easy. They come folded up, in three sections, which you just then unfold and place where you want them in the room. They are very stable too.

Past Buyer Answer : They completely made and do fold flat. Looks beautiful.
Past Buyer Answer : It comes already together, so no need to assemble. It folds flattish …. probably to six inches.
Past Buyer Answer : Don’t need to put it together. Folds on top of itself.
can you wipe the room divider clean?
Our room dividers are printed on non-woven fabric. It is a mixture of cellulose and synthetic fibers. Fleece is resistant to water and dirt, it can be wiped with a damp microfiber cloth, but it should not be soaked. It is also impossible to use any detergents so as not to wipe off the ink.
Final answer : wipe them gently with soft cloth and as little water as much to keep you room divider fancy and as new as you got them.
Can i change my mind and return it if i don't want it ?
Look, let’s be totally honest, a person with this question have a specific idea in mind: I’m gonna use it and return it. in this case in particular, we will accept your return but we will give it a throughout examination, if we see that you already used your room divider, we will NOT reimburse you and we will NOT give you back the product, please refer to our return policy to learn more.
Other than that, if you don’t like it, return it for free (if you are in the UK, we take care of your return cost) or return it on your cost if you are in the EU ( you will have to pay around 25 pounds to ship it back to us, and we will not cover the cost of the return for our EU customers, sorry but this is the best we could do)
Past buyer response: hello sweeties, i have returned a room divider from germany back to the UK, i’ve paid 23 euros and the company was kind enough to return the cost of my return to them, be kind and they will take care of you. Trust a stranger that already purchased from this website and on bimago ( their other name brand, i know, multiple websites same company )
Can I choose my specific painting

Replay by past customer: Unfortunately no, I wondered this myself (i even asked them), although there is a huge selection of designs in the range, any one of the ones you pick will look stunning. I have bought two myself and it makes a huge difference to the rooms I have then in and if you want any more advice try and by one that is double sided it will make all the difference ( i recommend buying from this website instead of amazon, why? you will get charged 54 pounds extra if you’re in the UK even though they seems to be the same company under different names)

Are these screens strictly for interiors? Can't be used in the garden?


The room dividers can be kept in the garden during the day when there is a sunny weather. But can not be left there at night and on bad weather. So if you want to put it out into the garden, you would have to take it inside every night and every time the weather will go bad.

Best regards

How will this look as a background for live recordings? Looking for something for my office space.

Hello, video work is an amazing job, nowadays everybody with a camera can make it out there, a Room divider can be an amazing way to show off you aesthetics without being too much of a distraction to the viewers, our only advice is to choose the perfect room divider for you, contact a client support via chat to have them recommended for you the best design.

Are you a Youtuber in the UK? contact us for a 50% off deal.

Past Buyer Response : Depends what videos are, it is stunning and ok for a talking or static type recording but if you are moving or doing a demonstration type video it will be too distracting for the audience. A friend who makes videos professionally suggests a background that does not make shadows, if your videos are demonstrations try a curved plain screen. Good luck

Another Past Buyer answer : Hello, I’ve only received lovely feedback from people looking at it while on video calls (zoom, Skype etc.) They love the pattern. Hope this helps. Hey guys, you need to give me a commission for each sale you get thanks to me 😅
Another Past Buyer answer : Looks great on zoom meetings
How quickly can the dividers be sent for delivery? I need one urgently!

The production time is counted from the moment of receiving your payment for the order and for a room divider takes up to 10 business days. Thank you for your patience. there’s no other way to have it before the announced date, we don’t have a large warehouse when we can store them ( plus there’s more than 800 designs, we can’t store them).

HOWEVER, need it quick? check with us via messenger and we will check our fulfillment warehouses with amazon to see if the model you need is stored somewhere in the world, this is the best we can do for you as client (note that the price will not be the same as announced on the website, depends on where it is located and how urgent would you need it )

Past Buyer Answer : i don’t think you will get it that urgent, it seems that these are made to order, when i received mine i got under the box on the inside and saw a paper (maybe it’s not ment to be there) stating the SKU of the model, date of production & delivery date, also stated the made of the panels and some useful information that someone with my skillset can make an exact copy of this beautiful divider, just kidding ( but the paper story is true )

Unsure about this product. Need a background for videos which will be static so sitting down. With a ring light on wont this be shiny and distracting?

I don’t think you would get a shiny hue off this product at all. it’s mat finished. SOOOO BEAUTIFUL EVEN MY CAT LOVES IT.

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