Decorative Canvas prints Tips tricks for a successful wall decoration

Decorative Canvas prints : Tips & tricks for a successful wall decoration

An essential item in every home decoration space, the painting catches the eye. Well chosen, it adorns every room in your home with style. The decorative paintings are available in many models in various colors and patterns, to match your interior decoration. In which rooms to install your paintings? How to define the right location? How to distribute frames on a wall? How do I choose the size of an array? How high to hang it? Here are some useful tips and tricks for a successful decoration with canvas prints in 2022. in this article, we will try to answer all that and also present to you some of our finest work that we prepared for this hopeful year.

Make your wall decoration a success task : the basics

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Which table to choose? While it is above all a matter of taste, the choice will also depend on other factors. The goal is to find the right design you like, and which will fit perfectly into your interior decoration. Choose harmonious colors, coordinated with those of your walls and textiles (curtains). Contrast is also allowed, to bring out the work and capture the eye. Always prefer a style that matches that of the room to be decorated, and a canvas size that matches the space you have. For an original and unique touch, you can bet on a personalized board.


Once you have chosen an artwork, you still have to find the ideal location. If you opt for a wall of frames, prefer a spacious area to arrange them. Hang these frames in the living room, for example, on a fairly wide wall. Grouped on a small section of wall, the decoration would indeed be too busy. In a large hallway, we advise you to install your works next to each other, on the same level. Classically fixed above certain pieces of furniture (bed, sofa, sideboard, etc.), decorative paintings also have their place in the corner of a room. A decorative painting can adorn all living rooms, but not only! You could just as well line up a few frames on the stairs.

Decorate your living space with the right paintings


What painting to put in your living room? For a balanced rendering, combine the tones of the painting with those of the curtains and walls of the room. For a contemporary style, choose modern paintings for living room. A panoramic landscape painting will be an invitation to travel. What about the kitchen? You can hang Plexiglas paintings representing colorful drinks or foods, for a tangy note.
Prefer a Zen canvas for the bedroom. Rather, a painting for a romantic adult bedroom will feature soft tones. Rest being the main function of this room, avoid a frame with too aggressive colors. A touch of madness is allowed, however, regarding the choice of painting for a teenage bedroom.

What size of painting on a wall?

To know how to choose the size of a print, there is a basic principle to know: no small isolated frame on a large wall please ! How to decorate a large living room wall? By hanging several small frames, or a large format painting. However, avoid overloading a small room with large canvases, wall decorations should respect the proportions of your spaces. You can afford to hang a contemporary large-format canvas on a bare wall. If other elements are attached, possibly add one or two small decorative paintings.

Organize your decorative paintings on a wall

Keep a consistent style

You can hang frames of different sizes for a trendy composition. But be careful not to want to be too original, by associating decorations with different styles. Compose your mural by playing on shapes, sizes, patterns and colors. But always go for the same style, in order to achieve a harmonious whole.

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Bet on original layouts

The black and white paintings, although classic, go very well with a rather chic and sober interior. Do not hesitate to combine original colored paintings to revive your interior decoration, while keeping a coherence with the style of the room. For a dynamic look, place your images in different ways. This will prevent an overly uniform and boring arrangement. Is your wall simply adorned with photo frames? Add some wall decorations, by touches (letters of the alphabet, small mirrors, etc.) If you combine the different elements with taste, without overloading too much, you will get a nice effect.
Where to make a wall of frames? At different places in your accommodation; you just need enough space. How to decorate a wall with frames? Opt for coordinated frames if you want a refined touch, otherwise go for originality with mismatched frames, and leave a small distance between two frames. To ensure the rendering, simulate the wall of frames.

Measure the ideal canvas print height

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What is the ideal frame height?

The hanging height of the frame will depend on the location chosen. The fixing will be higher or lower, depending on whether the work is displayed above a piece of furniture, or on a wall that is not cluttered. The canvas should ideally be installed at average eye level. It will therefore also depend on the position of the observer: whether he is seated (facing the wall where the work is to be hung), or standing.
Thus, the central point of each part to be fixed should be at a height of approximately 165 cm (64.96 inches), for observation in a standing position. Descend to approximately 115 cm (45.27 inches), if the object is to be in sight of a seated person. In the case of a wall of frames, determine the center point of the entire composition to take the measurement.
The height of the frame in a staircase is determined from the center of the step above which you are placing the frame. For a painting above a sofa, allow a space of about twenty centimeters from the backrest. You are free to arrange these decorative items in another way, to achieve a different effect. It is even possible to spare these measures: you can simply put a frame on a piece of furniture or on shelves, for example. For more tips on how to hang a painting on the wall, find our article here.
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Where to place the canvas print?

Once the height is defined, where to drive the nail to fix the painting? Measure the height of the table, and calculate the half to define its center. Then deduct the gap between the mounting location and the top of the frame. Add the number obtained to the 165 cm (64,96 inches) or 115 cm (45,27 inches) height. The result shows you the mounting height.
Experiment several times before hanging your decorative painting, until you find the location and layout that suits you. This allows you to see the whole thing, before you install your beautiful canvas prints.

Where can I find amazing canvas prints online ?

To know how to successfully decorate your wall, it is also very important to know where to choose printings that look like you, and that adapt to your decorating desires. It is not always easy to know where to find artwork for home decoration, especially if these are your first pieces, and you feel intimidated by visiting art galleries and by the prices of certain paintings. signed. In this case, you can turn to selling art on the internet.
It can be an ideal option for you to discover unique pieces, which arouse your interest and inspire you, all from your home. Usually, these works are sorted by the techniques used, whether they are photos, paintings, drawings, or even sculptures. For your interior, we advise you to vary the styles and the supports and thus make sure to alternate paintings and photographs, for a rich and original wall decoration.
In addition, by discovering the works of your favorite artists online, you will be able to visualize at best the rendering of the works of art that interest you in your interior, simply by looking around you, visualizing the painting or the drawing. which is on your screen hanging in the room you are in. If you have some computer skills, you can take a picture of the room or wall on which you would like to hang this painting, and making a screen impression on the work in question, before adding it to your Photo. This is especially a very practical technique if you want to make a collage of photos, making sure that the colors, sizes and orientations of the frames can form a harmonious whole.
Finally, buying your paintings online can also allow you to discover new artists, who don’t always exhibit in galleries in your city. You will be able to enjoy works at attractive prices, artists still little known to the general public and who could nevertheless increase in value and gain an attractive rating in a few years. It is also the way to offer you pieces by international artists, to combine styles and inspirations. A way to make art accessible to everyone, whatever your tastes, your desires, and your budget.


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