Our point of view has never been focused on one country. We do not believe in borders. We think more widely! from the beginning of our business, most Wall Designers boards were obtained by our customers in Belgium. Today we speak 7 languages and we operate in 3 countries. Our decorations are presented in more than 15 countries in Europe and more than 20 original brands.
It is beautiful this success that we received during this year, we aspire to reach more countries outside the UK.

Wall Designers: our key elements

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We just like the word Meta, nothing has to do with facebook, please have a look around and start your decoration journey right here on Walldesigners UK, we can be a great source for comparison and price checking with other sellers / produces

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It was a day when we made Street-art paintings and minimalist art in a small apartment in London. This makes the best moments of our life as artists.

Our specialty was the sale of artistic licenses to manufacturers and reproducers of art in United Kingdom or elsewhere.

One day, we decided to create a small workshop with the necessary equipment to start manufacturing ourselves.

It was a bit hard at first because we had no idea about Marketing or Trade Channels that we can solicit.

The idea of creating a website to sell our products was out of the question because we knew nothing about the digital or digital side, thanks to our Chief Developer, we started strong in social networks and search engines.

We are pleased to announce THAT on this date (06-12-2017). This introverts company shipped more than 19,000 orders during the year and we have helped more than 8,000 homes and more than 1,500 shopping centers in their home decor projects.

Thank you to all the customers who gave their trust to this little START UP we called WALLDESIGNERS. Thanks to you: we have manufactured a workshop of 900 m2 with our best equipment and raw materials to complete a weekly production of 1000 orders and packaging per day.

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