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How to use room dividers in the living room?

Have you recently remodeled your living room and decided to replace the wall in the room with a room divider? The living room is the best place to create an illusion of space. That’s why it’s the most popular place for homeowners to use decorative room dividers in living rooms. However, let me warn you first that using a room screen doesn’t always have a positive impact on aesthetic value. Yes, it can bring your home more cohesive look, but only if you know how to use it. Below are some quick tips & tricks “with actual examples and from home decor experts”  that will help you make the best out of your interior design project.

Why use a screen in the living room?

Whether in the living room or the living room, a screen can fulfill several missions. The first often consists of creating intimacy in a room and, in doing so, creating a separation in the space. Then, using a screen in the living room can make it possible to optimize the surface area of a room, by creating, for example, a TV corner, a play area dedicated to children or even a small office. Finally, you can take aesthetic advantage of this accessory, since it exists in all styles, whether wrought iron, wicker or fabric.

How to use Decorative Room Dividers in Living Rooms ?

Create an extra room and decorate it :

In a living room, a screen can easily combine business with pleasure. If you decide to separate the room to make it a play area for the youngest or an office corner, consider using its surfaces. Children’s side, or stick surfaces to draw. On the living room side, place photo frames or works of art to inspire them and add a decorative touch. Make it an ally in the dining area of your living room by hanging the small accessories you need at the table, as you would in the kitchen. Options are endless.

A Decorative screen to visually enlarge the living room :

Here is a very ingenious way to take advantage of a decor screen in a living room: it is well known, the magnifying effect of a large motif in a small room is without appeal. If the front door of your home opens directly into the living room, you can create a small airlock dedicated to clothes, shoes and clothing accessories. The room screen will allow you to get ready before going out, while it will increase the feeling of space on the other side. Thus, you kill two birds with one stone, since you divide the space while artificially enlarging it.

Place it against a wall

For purely ornamental & decorative purposes, you can simply place your living room divider against one of the walls of the room. Made of raw or openwork wood, in a Moroccan style, it will be the ideal backdrop for your indoor plants. This is an opportunity to create the green wall you’ve always dreamed of and to nicely group your pots. To add a warm and cheerful note, you can also choose a white screen with clean lines and adorn it with light garlands.

 These are just some samples of room divider ideas to help you realize the potential of the decorative room screen in the living room. If you are interested in any of these room screens, just contact us and we will make a good price of any item you like :

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