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Small cute note : People say that i sound american in my writings, that’s because Iam 😊 .

What are panoramic wallpapers (wall murals) ?

Some say; panoramic wallpapers are murals with the design of panoramic landscapes, trees, mountains, valleys or even deserts, the only common thing is the layout witch designs are made “mostly horizontal motifs” to cover an entire wall with unique natural landscape wall murals.

Other say;  No they are no made from landscape you tw**, they are made from panoramic cities and industrial world landscapes, like the new york panoramic view, or the business district in London motif mounted on a wall “Seriously? you want the business district on a wallpaper? if you want it, we swear to the queen that we will make you one and send it for you for free ( just contact us )“. So, panoramic wallpapers are mostly made from human made landscape.

I used to remember very well back in 2017 when this term ( panoramic wallpaper) starting to appear on Google and we already had all the elements to achieve a panoramic mural we just called it : Panoramic landscapes of nature & human made art.

Now, we have selected for you a very big and detailed version of all panoramic wall covering styles. This page will be helpful for anyone who want to search for specific panoramic design but can’t find it anywhere in the market.

Your Ultimate Guide to panoramic wall design

To recap that awesome introduction, we have 2 general type of wall coverings.

  • Panoramic Landscapes
  • Panoramic Architecture

This 2 general categories have subcategories .

For Landscapes panorama  :

For Human Architecture panorama  :

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What People Opt for the most :

To decorate with industrial panoramics

Our very best subcategories in the panoramic wall art collections

The moment of truth

We not just all talks, we offer free shipping, returns (UK ONLY) and we offer free product for anyone who messed up the installation of wallpaper.