Room Divider 5 parts | All Original From Wall Designers

Room Divider 5 parts : The 5-part screen is a functional and beautiful accent used as a partition or simply to add a decorative touch to your space. The room dividers can easily turn a room into two and quickly turn your home into an elegant stamp with this simple addition. The design and style of your 5-part screen will also complement each other.

Uses of the screens:
  • Use one as a decorative screen in a master bedroom.
  •  Create a private study space. Whether in a bedroom or living room, you can set a separate space for homework.
  •  If you do not have a separate playroom, a partition works wonders to keep the toys out of sight.
  •  Divide a large room into intimate and more usable spaces. Separate a quiet sitting area from a large to XL larger room.
  •  Create a comfortable reading space in a child's room without taking up extra space.
  • For playrooms or "men's caverns", divide the space with a brightly colored imitation leather partition like red.