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All About Canvas Prints: Q&A with Ideas

In this Q&A article, we will try and answer all questions that have been sent to us by customers with examples and ideas all about canvas prints. what the best print to choose, the best practices and some examples of beautiful canvas prints to decorate any wall in your home, office or client acquisition business.

What’s a canvas print ?

Canvas prints are photos or artwork printed on a stretched canvas and usually a wooden frame. They can come in various sizes (as small as 8 inches “20.32 cm” up to 72 inches ” 182.88 cm” by some companies), and be either a single canvas panel or multiple panels (like a triptych style). Canvas prints can also be enhanced with additional varnishes or glossy topcoats, such as matte, semi-gloss or epoxy, these type of canvas prints we call on our shop : Premium Canvas Prints.

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Which canvas print is best ?

The best canvas prints are the ones with extra protection on the design, this will retain the quality of design “pattern” and will give your print that glossy but mat look, another way to determine if the canvas print is the best, look for companies that offers at least a 120 g per cube meter, canvas with 50% organic materials : Wood, Canvas and tonnes.

Depending on your budget, canvas prints come also with price ranges, the most expensive is not always the best, search under the product description for UV protection and 3 cm + Wooden Frame, this is initial to find the best canvas print that you can afford.

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Can canvas print be painted ?

The very simple answer is, Yes you can, if you wish to enhanced it design and make it look more bright, your best bet is light acrylic paint that is not very wet and can stick to a canvas with causing damage to the existing design that’s printed on canvas.

Also, you need to ask  the company you’ve purchased from the design before proceeding of modifying the art yourself, sometimes, you come across a beautiful canvas print and think that you add some value by painting it. WRONG IDEA, why? because some canvas used by certain companies are simply paper, just a small dose of acrylic or oil paint will cause permanent damage to the paper without any way to restore it back, your only bet in this case is to ask your provider with another canvas, well that’s another 80 pounds gone in the drain.

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Can canvas prints be framed ?

Canvas prints, also called photos on canvas or printed canvases, are wall decoration products are Ready-to-hang product. No framing is necessary.
Today photos are no longer just printed on paper and then framed, they can also be directly printed on cotton canvas, stretched on a wooden frame.
The printed canvas can be hung directly on your walls without a frame. We then have a sober, light product, without reflection, which is not “dangerous” because there is no glass. Ideal for children’s rooms! But it can also be framed with an American box or a canvas frame to give it elegance and contrast.

Some self promo, we offer beautiful framed pictures vintage style for sale made from plastic frames & protected with a layer of acrylic glass, if you wish to check them out, please head over our framed poster collection and start browsing.

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Can canvas prints be hung outside ?

Simple question but complicated answer, the direct answer is NO. if the manufacturer states that it canvas prints are not suited for exterior, this means that they aren’t protected against outside environment ( humidity, sunshine, dust, bird poo etc …) 

If you wish to install a canvas print on the outside,we recommend adding a layer of protection outside of it ( especially if the manufacturer states that their canvas are made with organic or recycled organic materials : Cotton, Wood, natural toner without protection )

There’s a solution to this, if you saw online a beautiful irresistible canvas and wishes to install it on the outside, you can buy a frame for it, make sure to tighten the seals off, then mounted on the outside with no issue, the canvas will last longer but not as long as you hung it on the interior of you place.

How is the outdoor canvas print maintained?

It requires virtually no maintenance. You can dust it if dust has settled there over the months, and even clean it with water. You can also iron a coat of varnish every two or three years to revive the colors, if necessary. It all depends on where the painting is, if it is very exposed to the weather or not.

For example : The UK is well know for it  temperate climate and rain, so no dust for days, all you need to do in this case is to protect your canvas with plastic or buy a clear plastic frame so it can last longer in your interior, don’t want to do that? simply remove the print when it rains or climate condition are harsh for your canvas print.

What frame to choose for a canvas print meant to be mounted outside ?

While remaining consistent with the style of the painting, the colors and materials must be combined. Whether it is a watercolour, an oil, a lithograph or a poster, the framing of a painting enhances the whole work and also serves to protect it. Our advice for choosing the frame for your painting according to the rules of the art.

The molding style of the frame

If the choice of the right frame for your painting depends of course on your tastes and the decoration of the room where it will be placed, it is important to match the frame with the work. Depending on the style and movement related to the work you have just acquired, you can make sure to choose the kind of framing that will sublimate the painting. An old painting from the neoclassical or realist movement, for example, will certainly be perfectly at ease framed in a golden, old and very worked molding. On the other hand, a pop art painting, contemporary art or even a painting from the cubist movement will go much better with a sober and refined setting.

However, it may very well be appropriate to break the codes and mix the styles because depending on the styles of the works, the rendering can become very aesthetic. In short, the more the painting is rich in drawings and details, the more its framing can then also be flourishing. To get inspired, just visit a museum and see how artists frame their work according to their pictorial style. Also, interior design today suggests lighter and more subtle decorations than before.

Frame color

To properly associate the color of your frame with those of your painting, it is allowed not to choose the dominant color in the paint so as not to create visual difficulty in discerning the forms in a work. Indeed, the eye can be confused if a color predominates in a painting but also on its contours. Then prefer to choose a color from your painting but which is not the dominant one, or a color that is included in the same color palette as the main colors of the painting.

Example: for the surrealist painting “The False Mirror” by René Magritte, exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the exhibition curator chose a dark brown frame to complement the light brown skin color on the painting. In this way, the color of the frame in the same shades enhances the painting without stealing the show.

If, despite everything, you still want to opt for a frame in the same color as your painting, you can add a Marie-louise (intermediate frame) to ensure a transition between the shades of the dominant color.

The size of the molding

To perfect the choice of frame for your painting, you must also take the size of the molding into consideration. Once again, the framing must bring out the work without distorting it and must therefore remain discreet.

It may happen that a painting with light patterns is really enhanced by the large size of the molding of its frame, but in general, the more delicate the design, the smaller the symbols or portraits, the more its framing must be fine.

With regard to contemporary paintings, watercolors or even drawings, it is accepted not to exaggerate the width of the moldings of their frame too much and to favor a thin and simple molding. For paintings on canvas, you can, however, allow yourself a wider molding, a frame with stretcher, an American box or even an imposing support frame where the canvas is in relief in relation to its frame. Finally, for sketches, prefer glass frames without moldings.

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Will canvas prints fade ?

You may have noticed yourself how some photos fade over time. This is because UV light affects the chemical makeup of the image. When any amount of light is absorbed by these compounds, the UV rays in that light break the chemical bond in the image dye, causing the colors to fade away.

All works of art, original or prints, are subject to discoloration. Many color pigments in artist’s paint are fugitive and will fade in direct sunlight. Therefore, as a general rule, we advise collectors never to hang artwork where it will be in direct sunlight.

so the simple answer is yes, all canvas will fade in time ( EVEN THE MOST EXPENSIVE CANVAS OF ALL TIMES will be faded if the supervisors don’t use extra protection & duplicated designs for the real one ).

With the new technologies, fortunately, such occurrence don’t happen before 2 to 3 years of it creation, if you know how to maintain your canvas you can prevent it from being fade and last you very long in your interior ( Keyword here is interior with low humidity & sun-rays )

What is the difference between real canvas and fake canvas?

A faux canvas is printed on textured paper and wrapped on stretcher bars. It’s not Canvas, it’s photo paper which has a Canvas texture, like the paper which has a linen texture, it would look like Canvas but not Canvas. The real Canvas would of course be more expensive. Not a single manufacturer dares to offer fake canvas as real canvas because it will be detrimental to the business, the law is on the side of the customer this time, if a manufacturer offers a fake canvas as real canvas, just a simple call to customer protection department will cause permanent closing to the business / manufacturer.

NOTE : Avoid using canvas prints from manufacturers from china, they are the exception to the rule, they might sell you a canvas from 150 pounds and up, when you receive your canvas, you will discover that it’s just paper printed garbage. You have been warned on this one !!

How to prevent canvas print images from fading?

If you want to enjoy vibrant, colorful canvas print photos for years to come, take the following preventive measures. Buy quality materials. Invest in a good canvas prints, avoid third-party inks, and choose a proper manufacturer that considers these as issues to fix.

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Do Canvas Photos Look Cheap?

Depending on your canvas print provider, the cheaper the price, the cheaper the look, that’s it ! if you are looking for not so expensive canvas print, always pick simple looking patterns because they will not as detailed as the top range canvas prints but it will make it look sophisticated and beautiful to look at, if you are looking for landscape, floral, people or other complicated designs, then you should go for medium to high range price canvas prints, because they will put a lot of effort designing the pattern, printing it on canvas then apply manually protection layer to match the complicated design, here’s a video that will help you see how premium canvas prints are made:

Is canvas print better than photo print?

canvas printing is a unique way to show off your favorite photographs. Compared to the traditional, glossy material, photographs printed on canvas offer many advantages, especially in terms of price, quality and overall aesthetics.

Apart from printing photographs on canvas, you can also use the material for an artwork or any other image you want. They can also be used to create personalized gifts for loved ones. here’s some of the reason why we choose canvas prints over photo print any day of the decade :


One of the most important reasons for choosing canvas prints is its durability. Canvas is a tough, strong material that stands the test of time. At the same time, the high quality ink used can maintain the vividness of the print much longer than paper prints. This is why the canvases of art galleries and museums have survived beautifully for centuries.

Artistic appearance

Traditional photographic prints add a distinctive touch to decor, but they are also very common. Canvas, on the other hand, gives the image an artistic look. In addition, the texture of its material gives it depth and character, which transforms it to give it a feeling of elegance and exclusivity.

More affordable than a framed photo

Contrary to popular belief, canvas prints are cheaper than other alternatives. For example, the price of paper prints is low, but when it comes to framing, the total price goes up.

In addition, it takes time to choose a frame that matches the interior of the house. Canvas prints, on the other hand, can be hung and mounted in a floating frame to give classic three-dimensional depth to the image.

No reflections

Photos framed or printed on glossy paper are attractive when presented in an appropriate space. However, in bright, sunny rooms, the glossy surface can produce reflections and glare, distracting attention from the main subject.

On the other hand, canvas prints have a satin or matt finish, which makes them a perfect support for hanging in rooms with lots of light, although care must be taken that they are not directly exposed. to avoid any deterioration.

The 3D effect

While traditional style photographs lean against the wall, canvases stand out for their three-dimensional capabilities. It brings pictures to life and is an eye-catcher in any room.

It is even possible for a simple room to get a totally different feel with one or two canvases.

Many different size options

Canvas prints can be made in many different sizes and styles, giving you the flexibility to decorate your wall with any design you want. You can also choose from a large canvas display, a collage of multiple prints, or even split an image across multiple canvases for a stunning wall decoration. Take advantage of the versatility of canvas printing!

What is the best places to mount canvas prints?

The place of your photos in the house is also not to be neglected. In the entrance, they welcome the visitor and will be visible to all, while in the bedroom, they will remain intimate. It’s up to you to choose what you want to reveal!

Why choose canvas print for your wall decoration?

The canvas print is one of the best & cheapest wall decoration accessories. It allows you to dress and embellish your walls, and give them a unique touch. Depending on your preferences, you can choose between different types of prints for your decor. Thanks to it, you have the possibility of creating a beautiful interior harmony, provided you opt for the appropriate model. Discover here the reasons why you should choose a painting to decorate your wall decoration!

An original and unique decoration :

A Canvas print is an original decorative wall element. It brings a touch of uniqueness to your decor and allows you to share your passion for art with the people who are dear to you. Depending on your needs and preferences, you can opt for printed canvas or hand-painted canvas ( we offer beautiful handmade paintings that you can use for your home or office).

If you decide to opt for a printed canvas, you benefit from a perfectly customizable painting. For example, you can choose the world map canvas print and proudly display it on an wall.

The hand-painted picture, on the other hand, is an original and singular decorative element. You thus value the know-how of the artist you purchase from.

A decoration that adapts to your interior :

The particularity of the painting for your wall decoration is that it adapts to your interior. You decide which model you choose and you match it to your decor. Thus, you can create your own style and share your knowledge or your love for art with your loved ones. The painting is an excellent decorative accessory that brings warmth to your walls.


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