Trending Room Dividers in 2021

Room Divider Trends of 2021 – All about interior screens

Timeless and charming, we have known the screen since our childhood. Indeed, its function makes it a useful object: it allows to partition and decompartmentalize a space according to our desires. Today, the screen has adapted to current decor trends. In cane or macrame, it can perfectly suit all decorative styles! We will explain all the issues with room dividers, how to fix that and some inspirations to get you started to search for the perfect folding screen in 2021.

All About screen dividers :

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Whether you live in a small studio or in a large house, room dividers offer the possibility of restructuring your interior. In a kitchen open to living room, in a bedroom or in a one-room apartment, solutions exist to create a more intimate space.

The origins of the interior screen

It is on the side of China that the screen appears for the first time. Originally, it was mainly designed to limit drafts in a home while creating privacy in large rooms.
It will know a more decorative dimension from the 15th century, when the British made it appear in Europe. It is adorned with ornaments and it is made both a useful object but also a real element of decoration, which enriches the interiors.

The different types of interior screens :

Contrary to what one might think, there are different types of interior screens. It’s up to you to choose the one that matches your needs and your decoration!
  • The wooden screen: solid, louvered, perforated, painted or aged, this is the most classic screen model.
  • The canvas screen: with its stretched canvas, it offers a lighter partition. The advantage of canvas is that it can be colored as well as printed with patterns. Some models are even reversible, in order to change the style according to your desires.
  • The metal screen: of industrial inspiration, they are rarely opaque and worked in an artisanal way. Oriental spirit with perforated or more industrial plates, the choice is yours according to your interior. They will be perfect for creating an intimate corner, which lets the rays of light filter through.

Room Dividers of today : 

After having had an old-fashioned image or a bulky object for a long time, the interior screen has made a big comeback in our homes for several years ( especially in the UK market). The screen finds its place as well in an urban apartment where one would need additional partitions, as in large loft-style spaces.
It has several uses, which often depend on the room where it is installed. The screen is indeed used to create privacy corners, to partition a room in which you cannot mount an additional wall (especially if you are renting) or even to decorate.
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Different usages of room dividers :

The screen as a headboard in the bedroom

Leaning on the wall at the head of the bed, the screen dresses up the bedroom in no time at all. You can opt for a printed canvas model, such as a wall hanging. A louvered model can also be very pretty at the head of the bed. You can install a light garland there to have a soft light in the room. Or hang a few drooping plants on it, to create a vegetated headboard.

The screen as a decorative object in the living room

Simply to break one of the angles of a large room, place a screen in a corner and slide behind spotlights to create a very decorative light show. The screen makes it possible to create a subdued light and thus make a large living room much more cocooning.

A canvas screen in a bedroom

The screen was once used to preserve privacy. We can keep its original function and place it in the bedroom of a family house to hide a water point for example. It then gives the room a very cozy charm of yesteryear.
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The very best room dividers in 2021 in the UK market :

As you may now by now, we produce and sell our own beautiful and very sturdy room dividers ( we use wood & canvas ) to separate, hang you clothes, decorate or even use them as headboards in your home, office or business. We have started a new venture on ETSY to see which are the best room dividers and witch designs are most chosen by customers across the UK and the EU market, here’s what we found :

  • Choosing canvas screens can be an awesome addition to a colorful & neutral style of spaces.
  • No matter what size the room is, room dividers can be boughts in small or large dimensions that will suit any space perfectly.
  • Neutral color room dividers are the best choice for many, top colors such as : White, Black, Grey, and Brown, light colors are being used in small spaces & Darker ones in larger spaces.
  • Room Dividers can be very lightweight (except the metal ones) and doesn’t support too much clothing on top of it, when dressing up, keep in mind to not get too much weight on top of your room divider.
  • People are more likely to buy a room divider rather than renting it out to be brutally honest, why would you rend for 40 pounds per day when you can add another 50 to 60 pounds and get it forever.
  • We had customers who bought and resold their room dividers with actual profit ( up to 80% more), as we all now, room dividers are from the past and the old stuff is always appreciated by people.
  • An interesting find while prospecting for our room dividers, we have being nominated on ETSY as starr seller meaning that our product has the perfect score across all variations.

As we mentioned earlier, we have started an ETSY Shop called : WOWDECORUK, this shop is used specifically to test out our product in front of larger audiences & reviewers that will not give a bogus review if they didn’t like the product. (so far, we managed to get 5 stars every time someone reviews a room divider they bought from us directly from our ETSY SHOP)


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