Payments methods with Customer protection in mind

“I pay by credit card, it’s easy, fast and secure!”

Credit card payment is a simple, fast and secure way to buy online. We accept CB, VISA and MASTER CARD cards.

We guarantee you maximum security thanks to the most advanced encryption solution on the market. Indeed, by clicking on the credit card of your choice, you are directed to the Stripe secure payment site that integrates the SSL security standard. Confidential data is transmitted encrypted to Stripe. In any case, the amount of the transaction will be automatically debited 4 days at the latest after the placing of order by the customer.

As part of the fight against fraud payments, we use 3D Secure payment on orders placed by credit card. Authentication is needed before any purchase.

3D Secure (also known as Verified by VISA) is an authentication payment system that enhances security when you shop online. At the time of payment, your bank verifies the identity of the cardholder before validating the transaction.

After filling in the details of your credit card, VISA or MASTERCARD, you will be transferred to the website of your bank where you will be asked to identify yourself.

This procedure is specific to your bank, it may for example ask you to enter your date of birth, enter a code received by SMS, answer a personal question, … After confirmation of this step, your payment is finalized and you will receive the order confirmation email.

“I prefer to pay by PayPal” We suspended PayPal until further notice

We don’t Believe in PayPal, we have requested the deletion of our business account in Papal, fees are too high and we can’t afford to have our account suspended each time a clients of ours make a large purchase via PayPal. This is the reason why we stopped accepting PayPal charges. 

Direct bank transfer debit for businesses (B2B ONLY)

This option is available for large orders and dedicated to B2B Orders. If you are a company, please contact us before making a purchase to exclude VAT from your final bill.

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