Our reason for being is that you can acquire the art that you like. It also gives you easy access to fantastic images and high-end manufacturing. Because when you find the art you love, you love your living space even more … and that’s what’s really important.


At Wall Designers, there is a desire to make wall art accessible to everyone. An ambitious project, generous and respectful of amateur artists.

Our engagements to our customers


We believe that art is dynamic, personal and that the experience of buying it and then of your life with it should be too. From the moment you browse our site to the day your artwork is delivered to you, our team has only one goal in mind: to make you happy at every step of the way.

Because contemporary art should not be reserved for an elite, Wall Designers is a real alternative in the art market


We are dreamers, perfectionists, smokers, passionate, clumsy, obsessive, geeks, creative. We live art and we decided to group ourselves around an SME that we call it Wall Designers. Also, we are a bunch of anarchists, rebels and critical thinkers, we are tired of always seeing that the artist is represented as a means or a wrong form. We created this small workshop to empower amateur artists and create their creation on life.
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Wall Designers UK – Your Home Comes First.

Production and Activities of WALL DESIGNERS UK

Production workshop

The company is specialized in the production and distribution of wall decoration items and in the encouragement of engaged artists who aim to unite a community around our platform. Our online boutique is the results of talented and hard working artists looking to create something special for your home & Business

Our main sectors of activity are:

  • The design, manufacture and marketing of wall decoration and folding screens.
  • The empowerment of artist by displaying their work and share the revenue accumulated via their original art. We are now actually suspending this service because our threshold of artist has been achieved, further offers will be displayed once we will need more artist partners.

Currently cover two markets:

  • The first is the UK market where we help our customers to incorporate new designs ideas and layouts into their homes / offices.
  • The second is the EU market, we are currently figuring a way to offer our product at the best price possible for the EU customers after Brexit. This one is a big challenge because we don’t want to lose our lovely EU customers.

In addition to our regional development, we are intending to internationalized in North Africa by accompanying our customers or following acquisitions.