Long considered to be out of fashion, the wallpaper is back in force in our interiors. Poetic, bucolic or XXL version, it gives character to your decor. Check out our panoramic wallpaper selections for inspiration.

After the wallpaper, the decorative panel sign his great comeback decor. Installed in a living room or in a dining room, this wallpaper often inspired by painting or by themes appealing to our imagination, will become a central piece of your interior. Know that it is also ideal for delimiting or enlarging spaces.

While it is possible to glue panoramic wallpaper in many rooms of the house, it is nevertheless important to use it sparingly. For a successful decoration, consider combining it with sober and contemporary furniture.

Discover all our ideas for adopting panoramic wallpaper in your home.

Close the dialogue

Like a canvas of an artist

To highlight this dining area and expand the space, we put in the background a wallpaper inspired by a pre-impressionist painting highlighting sky and water. Canvas XXL, this wallpaper furniture alone the room.

Original Wall Murals

Wall Mural – Desolate hut

From: 122,06£
From: 122,06£

La bonne idée : Opter pour du mobilier contemporain afin de « casser » le côté classique du papier peint.

Astuce : Un quasi monochrome pour ne pas être trop envahissant.

Dreamlike megapolis

Here again the panoramic takes all its dimension because no piece of furniture comes to disturb its reading. If one can be tempted by the installation of a real photo, this setting close to a watercolor turns out to be light.

From: 39,56£
From: 122,06£

The good idea: put the wallpaper on the wall that faces the door, so that it is visible as soon as you enter the room.

Tip: a paper close to the illustration to dream.

Bucolic frieze

Inspired by vintage botanical planks, a generous nature unfolds over the entire length of the wall. A strong part which imposes to choose a furniture with lines and sober colors.

Flourish Design Wall Murals

Wall Mural – Floral notes

From: 39,56£

3D Perspective Wall Murals

Wall Mural – Urban Botany

From: 28,98£

The good idea is to place low-height, low-volume furniture along the wall, in order to attract the eye towards the motifs drawn in the lower part of the wallpaper.

Tip: a drawing reserved at the bottom of the walls to avoid a feeling of suffocation.

XXL decor

These reeds gently dancing with the wind give rhythm and personality to this dining room. A spectacular and soothing wallpaper, made from a photo.


Landscapes XXL Wall Murals

XXL wallpaper – Green mountain landscape


The good idea: put the panel on a wall without opening or decor (doors, windows, moldings …) and especially not hang anything on the wall not to cut the grounds.

Tip: a slight blur for more life.

Exotic print

On a gray and cream floral background – it looks as if sketched in pencil – come to perch exotic birds with brightly colored feathers. Happy irruptions!

Flourish Design Wall Murals

Wall Mural – Flowers and butterflies

From: 122,06£

Baroque Design Wall Murals

Wall Mural – Exotic mosaic

From: 39,56£

The good idea: avoid the riot of colors with a globally black and white pattern just animated with muticolous birds.

Tip: a repetitive pattern to occupy the wall at will.

The opinion of our adviser: “The panoramic tells a story”

Why this trend?

Digital printing has democratized the panorama that was once painted by hand. Today, there is a profusion of classical or contemporary decorations, all of which tell a story: reproductions of ancient works, lush jungles, enchanted forests …

Is it easy to ask?

Yes, because they are non-woven papers, delivered in the form of repositionable strips: just glue the wall and assemble the strips. Some have standard dimensions (we can cut them), others are made to measure.

How to choose your decor?

The best is to come to the website WALLDESIGNERS with photos ideas and measurements of the room. Some panels require backing. Attention also to the location of the furniture, doors and windows: it would be a pity that an important motive of the decoration is hidden or cut.