Set the right location:

Make sure the center of the painting is at eye level or between 1m65 and 1m75.Dans a relatively small space, a table large format printing increases espacePlusieurs tables placed in a vertical line create a feeling of a small hauteur.Positionner table near a lamp or cabinet contributes to the consistency of the interior decoration.

Hook the table:

Use a spirit level to check the horizontal suspension of the table. Mark the wall with a pencil in the right places.

Wall brackets:

Tips for concrete:

To hang a light fabric (3 kg maximum) on a brick surface,concrete or other hard masonry, you can use a special tip galvanized steel or galvanized. Choose it fine enough, no more than 2 mm in diameter and a length of 25 to 30 mm. Press it diagonally from top to bottom to facilitate insertion and ensure the maintenance of the table.

Hook X:

This type of fastening enables to firmly hang a frame in a wall made of wood, plaster or plasterboard (plasterboard).

A one, two or three needles blued steel, it can support a weight of 5 to 20 kg. Their inclination in the hook is designed to flatten the wall and thus maintain its position. Needles double or triple models sink simultaneously.

Swedish Hook:

This plastic tie, provided with steel spikes, is specifically designed for mounting in concrete or coated ciment.Il be given small repeated hammer blows to press them into the hard material. The object to be hung must not exceed 20 kgs.

adhesive hook:

It is the most convenient way to suspend an object without having to drill the floor.

To ensure bonding, prepare and clean the mounting surface. Remove the protective paper and hold the hook pressure for several seconds. It is advisable to wait a dozen hours before suspending an object.


The double-sided adhesive tape is suitable for any type of smooth support provided that the object to be fixed is uniformly flat on the reverse here as a table. The length of the strips is a function of the weight to be supported, which can not, however, be