Top room screens in 2022 in the uk markets

Top 9 Decorative Room Screens for 2022

Whether it is to bring more style to your interior or simply in need of privacy, the Decorative room screen is very practical. By allowing the separation of 2 rooms, the balcony, the terrace or even two workstations without obstructing the light entering it, this accessory does an excellent job. This Japanese Koi fish room screen for example, stands out for its great elegance and enormous solidity. In addition, it is a design already very well known in the of designer screens brands. As a second alternative, there is plenty of designs that remains simplistic, but whose design allows easy cleaning.

1- A book Style room Screen : 

Separating two rooms in the house without too much daylight blockage becomes easy with this beautiful room divider. With a sturdy foundation and a bookshelf design that is very attractive to the eyes, this model ranks among the top performers in terms of versatility.
The accessory consists of 3 and 5 panels designed with high quality non-woven canvas and solid wood with a thickness of 5 cm on the edges. With a very elaborate finish, the staples that hold the ends are completely invisible behind a ribbon. On arrival, this screen is already assembled to be directly usable.
Storage is also facilitated by its collapsible nature which requires no instruction. To give a more lively effect, the panels are decorated with images printed on both sides. If necessary, the latter, which are 46 x 5 x 172 cm in size, can be separated if you need to.

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2- Oriental Style room Divider : 

African Wood also helps make the best indoor room divider for those who like to have it around the house. Regarding this item, it has 5 panels with a height of 172 cm, a length of 225 cm and a thickness of 5 cm. Each partition is 45 cm wide and its foldable nature greatly simplifies storage.
Everything is held together with 10 very sturdy and (two way foldable) metal hinges divided into sets of 2 between each partition. The edges are made of strong wood and the bamboo stays are masked by an organic Satin Ribbon.
The base configuration provides a stable and strong prop that can withstand wind blowing into the room. We find this article in 2 different sizes & 3 Colors, and you will have the choice between Red, Blue or White. You can therefore consider separating the rooms easily with a light and handy screen.

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3 – All White Style room Divider : 

Find where to buy the best interior screen for your bedrooms or the balcony to have the privacy you desire. The advantage of this model in particular is that it can also be installed outside the house thanks to its entirely canvas protection design. Thanks to it practical plastic based stand, the furniture is very easy to clean also.
In terms of dimension, this article has a length of 132 cm, a height of 173 cm and a bulkhead width of 23 cm. In addition to the metal borders, the 6 hinges that hold the 3 panels together are made with this same material.
It is also available in multiple sizes and white based colors depending on your preference. There is the 3 and 5 part model, the small, and the large format. With a foldable feature, it can be stored with great ease, but you will still have to be careful not to damage the fabric.

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4 – Japanese Style room Screen : 

To separate a room while adding an original touch, you can choose this model offered by the Wall Designers Uk’s Brand sold at a cheaper price. It is equipped with 5 panels each with a fabric screen measuring 45 x 172 cm.
It was made with non woven italian canvas. The 100% organic fabric in cream white while the frame is wooden. It is a partition that can be used to have privacy with its width of 225 cm and its height of 172 cm.
We find on the top a beautiful Japanese pattern which can add a plus to the interior decoration. Also, it is easily foldable when not in use to require little storage space. No assembly needed it after purchase. Thanks to the use of breathable canvas, the light is not completely blocked.

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5 – Wooden Texture room Screen : 

Whether to furnish a room to separate 2 spaces or simply to decorate, here is an original designer screen. It was made with wood effect pattern which was subsequently polished to give a light brown color not far from the natural shade of the wood.
It is practical to set up with its good width equipped with its 10 sides, which makes it suitable for covering rooms of any size. The screen has a height of 172 cm and a width of 225 cm. But if necessary, it is available in sizes of 3 sections and 5 sections.
It brings a chic and bohemian Parisian style to a modern interior or a rustic element for country home styles. In addition, this freestanding partition is sold at a fair price-performance ratio and is also ready to pose (no installation is needed). No tools are required for assembly and its handling is also convenient to do.

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6 – The Walldesigners Signature room Screen : (tree of life)

We are Always here to produce and help you know which interior screen to choose, here our pride and joy model made with natural wood & organic non woven canvas imported from Germany that will give an elegant style to your living space. With a length of 225 and a height of 173 cm, it is made up of 5 panels of 45 x 173 cm. This stable partition was made with 100% 5 cm thick fir wood combined with sturdy metal hinges.
Its satin fabric is covering while allowing light to pass through. The model is distinguished by its handmade design and is suitable for all rooms ranging from the bedroom to the living room. It is delivered assembled, so ready to use with no assembly required.
Of German quality and UK’s artists made, it is solid both in terms of fabric and frame. However, its price is quite high compared to other indoor screens according to some ( don’t worry we cu the price down after a successful reach of volume, now we can afford to make them at a very good price, if not the best in the Market ).

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7 – Nature Spa design Room Divider – Zen Motifs

For a need for privacy, the all natural design from our 3 part collection offers this practical privacy screen. The fabric used in its construction is 100% natural canvas. Frames made of wood go around the screen, its riser is 10 mm and the crosspiece is 22 mm.
As for the dimension of the product, it is 135 x 172 cm. No matter what room you are going to put it in, it will adapt. It is especially popular in the medical field, as it serves as a separation between the waiting section and the treatment section. It is also used by beauty salons due to its practicality of being moved easily.
To maintain it, you just have to clean it with a soft / wet cloth, because it is a washable fabric. So that everyone can find the partition that suits them, the product is available in other colors and comes in different sizes.

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8 – The Etsy Bestseller of the year 2022 : 錦鯉 ( Korean Fish )

This model of interior screen has the main role of separating rooms and it has the dimension L225 x H173. This is a very decorative multicolored room divider made of high quality non-woven fabric. The partition is not at all toxic, because the paints are odorless, and water resistant, so it is the ideal device for rooms where there are children.
Solid wood is used for its frame and it is 3 cm thick. The screen, on the other hand, is made up of 4 panels, and all the sections are equipped with 2 buttons on their lower parts.
It is a product whose finishes are well elaborated, no staples are visible, and the satin ribbons give it a chic side.
As for the assembly, you just have to unfold the screen and then put it where you want it.
We are particullary proud of this design made by non than Mr Wang. (Our production Manager) because it managed to gain it’s spot as the very best selling and performing room divider that we’ve ever created ( perfect 5/5 voted by all clients who bought it and we’ve NEVER got any complaint or return request from this model ) 

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Click on image to view it in full size

9 – Trompe l’oeil designer room divider

The Walldesigners Uk’s interior designers offers this wonderful trompe l’oeil wooden screen. Since 2014, our brand back in the days has been designing various decorative items to modernize your interior. MDF wood and african wood are the main materials used in our construction.
The 3D eye deceiving style is also there, because the panels are made of wood fibers. For its dimensions, its length is 135 cm and its height is 173 cm. It is a fairly solid and lightweight screen that stays in place with its 5,57 kg.
The partition has been specially designed to bring a sense of charm modernity to your interior. When placed in the bedroom, it allows you to have more privacy. Along the partition, fine arabesques are visible. The quality of the product is reflected in its thickness which is 50 mm. You can use it as a divider, or as a headboard.

We really hope that you’ve enjoyed seeing these beautiful room screens (as much as i enjoyed looking at them while writing this article) that we made ourselves and being offered in the Market since 2017, if you wish to discover this collection, please head out to our Official Etsy store to see them and our beloved customers reactions in the feedback section

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