Top Self Adhesive Wallpapers Trends for a feature wall

Are you tired of that white wall, but giving it a new lease of life scares you? Why not turn to a practical decoration trick, easy to set up, and above all, replaceable without a trace in the blink of an eye if you tire of it?
Self-adhesive wallpapers are shockingly the ally of interiors re-looking for something new, without having to launch major renovations ( get a painter, ask for a pre format invoice and all that stuff around it, believe me, i went through it and it was hell and expensive to complete). A solution widely appreciated by tenants and owners who wish to make their home to their liking, without risking losing their deposit or wasting money on something could or could not work.
How to adopt self-adhesive wallpaper approach? What are the trendy models? the risks? Where can I find original prints? We will try in this article to answer all this questions as objective as we can, if you have a question and want an answer from our wall decoration experts, please do in the comments or shoot us a mail, lets get this.

To decorate a wall or hide small imperfections, there are various ways to go about it. Sticking adhesive papers to it is one of them. The great thing about these kind of wall coverings is that you can use only part of the entire paper to decorate a specific area. Adhesive papers are available in various models with various patterns and colors, we will focus on this post only on feature wall decorations and how to use them perfectly in order to get the best results.

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Buying Guide - How To Choose The Right adhesive wallpaper ?

The adhesive paper is a real asset for the makeover of your interior. Not only is it economical, but it is also characterized by an incomparable aesthetic appearance. In addition, several models are available on the market. You can pick and choose directly on the endless feed of product in amazon, or your narrow your search to show only the best performing SELF ADHESIVE WALLPAPERS in the EU/UK market.

Depending on the room to be embellished

The first criterion presented as part of this WD buying guide for the best adhesive papers is the nature of the room to be decorated. It goes without saying that a model for the bathroom can never be in the living room. This room like the dining room requires elegant wallpaper.
The market presents different reasons corresponding to this choice. Among other things, arabesque ornaments are very popular. A chiseled style is also perfect if you have a taste for a sober design. You can adorn your bedroom in the same way. In principle, this kind of wallpaper has a satin appearance which emphasizes its chic side. In addition, the flocked models give a certain class to your interior.
Other elements are influenced by this criterion. In particular, a waterproof wallpaper is essential for installation in the bathroom or in the kitchen. On the other hand, a thick model is essential if the installation is planned in high-traffic areas such as the hallway.

To pose or to paint the feature wall?

Before knowing the answer to the question how to buy adhesive wallpaper with a better value for money, it is necessary to take stock of the system to choose. There are indeed two choices in this direction. On the one hand, free-standing wallpaper is the classic category that advances a large number of selections, especially in relation to patterns. In addition, the price comparison for this range displays significant flexibility.
However, the installation of this type of adhesive paper requires a few conditions. The wall must be very smooth so that it sticks perfectly. Specific preparation is even necessary. In addition, its lifespan is a bit shorter from painting the wall. Colors can lose their luster over time to the point of distorting the aesthetics of the room, especially on the living room/ busy areas in the household.
On the other hand, paintable design is perfect for a wall that is in poor condition. Moreover, we choose it precisely to hide these flaws. The flip side is that this choice represents an additional task, although the possibility of painting it makes it possible to personalize the decoration.
If you are not going to paint the wall yourself, you will need a painter ( an expert artist who can turn your imaginations to reality), have them sketch the design for you, he will need at least one visit to the place before proceeding to come again and start working. It it all worth it for you, just do it. You can even have your artist contact us if you are inspired by any of our beautiful designs and want them painted on your feature wall.

The type of paper to choose.

It is quite easy to find where to buy new sticky Wallpaper. But before you get to this point, you need to know what type of paper you are going to choose. Most models are made from traditional paper which varies in thickness depending on the range. Unlike this material, non woven vinyl is very resistant to moisture. In addition, it is easier to fix, but unfortunately costs more. Regardless, it must be said that non-woven paper provides the most optimal adhesion, witch the paper we personally love and work with, it’s 30 % tougher than traditional wallpaper, very resistant and can be perfectly on a wall on up to 5 years in optimal conditions and up to 2 years in the worst conditions.

Witch are the trends that people goes for this year?

Unlike my colleagues on Walldesigners UK. I am neither an interior designer nor even a decoration enthusiast. The truth is, I know what I like when I see it, but until then I can’t imagine it. imagining a house decoration is not something that comes naturally to me without inspiration. So instead of going to the hardware store and coming home with things, I need to create a pre-imagined space, I need flexibility. Instead of painting walls, for example, I prefer murals that I can move around. Instead of large one-piece pieces of furniture, I prefer small mix & match cabinets that move easily.

What I know I love and what never fails to make our home personal to me and my little family are the colors. While in theory I like understated styles and minimalist designs, they don’t work for me at home. So in order to be able to create the perfect house for us without the ability to imagine it correctly; I researched the colors and their meaning. It’s quite fascinating what certain colors are associated with and how they can influence our moods, emotions, and even our decision-making skills.

I believe this mindset is common amongst practical people with a sense of design but not experts at it, when i show you the best trends of self adhesive wallpapers of all time, you will be kinda surprised on how these people lack the sense of home design, in truth, these people has chosen the most perfect looking wallpapers for their homes/offices.

What People more likely to get when they chose adhesive wallpapers for modern homes ?

Modern Homes means minimalistic furniture with a modern touch of all aspect in a home, for example : Modern Floor tiles ( Mostly in shades of Grey ), wide space to move freely, beautiful simple kitchens and a fully operation bathroom/toilet rooms, people who lives in such homes mostly prefers something that is abstract / White and with 3D / Trompe l’oeil Motifs.

As sellers on Amazon since 2012 (before the creation of this website) we sold 1000’s of these designs that we will show you and they were always in the bestseller category for modern home adhesive wallpapers, we have made some small changes over the years but the original designs that we started with putted us on the map of wall mural industry, let me show you some simples :

What People more likely to get when they chose adhesive wallpapers for traditional / rustic style homes ?

The term rustic is quite broad, but many different design styles can actually be part of it. In its most basic definition, rustic describes a natural, rough, distressed, and relaxed design, so there are many styles – each radically different from one another – that can be rustic. Some include Tuscany, the coast, the chalet, or what you might traditionally think of as a rustic lodge. 

We often associate traditional style home decoration with rustic design, because we can achieve more with little, vintage furniture, all wooden cabin etc.. 

Most of us don’t live in a rural places so we improvise to bring nature to our homes, adhesive wallpapers are an easy way to achieve the wanted decoration, people often go for wooden / stone textures to do it, here are the best selling adhesive wallpapers (that we did over the years) to help customers with their traditional style decoration, here’s a few samples :


What People more likely to get when they chose adhesive wallpapers for industrial / practical style decorations :

Straight from New York baby ( i always wanted to say that out loud ^^), the industrial style took possession of our interiors for a long time. Its timeless allure between wood, metal and visible bricks, neutral colors and emblematic pieces will undoubtedly bring personality and character to your lovely cocoon! Whether by touch or in total look.

I think you get the picture here, people often goes for the bare bricks to achieve that, but NO, there’s a twist, people like the bricks as wallpapers, it’s easy to do, easier to remove and change to another brick design, this time, people removed their bare brick designs and started acquiring something called : The Wabi Sabi Style decoration, this can be achieved by changing from red ( bricks ) to grey ( minimal style stone designs), this wonderful addition to our collection allowed people the to have more freedom in their wall design collection for the industrial designs thus achieving more by adding less, here’s a few simples :

The very best sellers across platforms in the market of adhesive wallpapers

The Adhesive Wallpaper Collection By Walldesigners Uk was introduced to the EU back in 2016, we moved to the UK in 2019, after selling and evaluating the returns of the customers, we have filtered our the bestselling and the best performing designs ever for a beautiful feature Wall in your home or office. 



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