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Vintage Wallpapers ideas for 2022

Long termed “old-fashioned”, “ugly” or “outdated”, the vintage wallpapers that we mainly imagined in the house of our grandparents has returned in force in our interiors in recent years. Forget its cheap side: nowadays, wallpaper is worked, graphic and has a very designer vintage “modern-ish” touch.

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The always trendy vintage wallpaper

Old engraving style, with retro patterns (Art Deco, 70s, etc.) or pastel colors, vintage wallpaper is a fairly economical way to bring a retro touch to your interior without having to redo the entire decor.
As a renter, I have not yet given in to the vintage wallpaper trend, although I gladly admit that I have a few favorites and ideas to adopt it. And writing this article has only given me more ideas!
Indeed, there are no less than dozen vintage wallpaper inspirations that we have created and grouped together to give you some ideas, if you want to take the plunge in your interior. From the living room to the bedroom, – discover the most original ways to put it here – passing through other rooms of the house, you will see that adopting this vintage element is easier than it seems .

So, What is vintage wallpaper?

The wallpaper is vintage only. It is the pattern of the wallpaper that is vintage, not the paper itself. Art deco, pop, psychedelic, engraving style… The brands dedicated to wallpaper as well as DIY and decoration stores offer thousands of vintage patterns!
Vintage wall mural can help you create a 100% retro interior, from furniture to the walls of the living room or bedroom. To adopt it in a trendy way, take inspiration from Art Deco, industrial or even 70’s atmospheres.
this vintage wallpapers ideas will be the conversation starter in your home

How to adopt the vintage style in 2022 ?

In total look or by little touch in your interior (the most recommended), the choice is yours ! Vintage wallpapers are often very graphic and full of motifs, which can quickly overload your interior.
You can use it to cover a single section of wall in a living room ( a feature wall), to highlight a piece of furniture or to delimit a desk or TV area. In the bedroom, it can be used as a headboard.
Vintage wallpaper is particularly suitable for classic interiors, Scandinavian decor, country houses, Art Deco or even vintage. Thanks to the 22 ideas presented in this article, you will have something to inspire you to decorate your interior and thus adopt it!

Vintage Wallpaper ideas and inspiration for your home or office :

1 – An old engraving pattern wallpaper to dress a wall in black & white:

Inspired by old prints found in botany or geography books, this type of wallpaper is very graphic and decorative. Use it in a large living room to highlight a specific place in the room: lounge area, office area, dining area… Brown & White also has the advantage of being timeless and of being able to be easily combined with other styles of furniture. Botanical motifs, especially trees and flowers, are very trendy. In “old engraving” version, they bring a vintage and design side to your living room. The old engraving wallpaper goes equally well with Scandinavian light wood furniture as it does with more designer furniture.


2 – A landscape wallpaper to obtain an effect of depth in a small living room:

Through an optical effect, wallpaper can create the illusion of having a deeper room ( Find inspiration for 3D room enhancing Wallpapers ) . For this, use the wallpapers illustrated with landscapes: mountains, forests, panoramic landscapes, etc. You can also install a mirror on the wall where the wallpaper is to increase the effect of depth. 



3 – Art Deco wallpaper to furnish a chic dining area

Composed of many geometric patterns, Art Deco-inspired wallpapers can quickly overwhelm the space. To adopt them, two solutions: either focus on the walls by covering them with this pattern and adopting furniture in the same colors, or by applying this wallpaper only on a single section of wall in the manner of ‘a painting.

4 – A retro wallpaper to highlight an office area

Wallpaper can be used as a real element of wall decoration. Place it on the wall where your office is located, then set up your shelves and furniture. Create a contrast between the furniture and the wallpaper used, to make them stand out.


5 – Floral wallpaper to display a large painting in the living room

Floral Vintage wallpapers often have heavy graphics. Here’s a tip for adopting them without ending up in a room with a total flowery look: make it a big picture. It is a real element of wall decoration, inspired by tapestries from the Middle Ages.


6 – Geometric wallpaper to decorate a living room in a total 70’s look

In the 1970s, wallpapers with geometric shapes and garish patterns were the order of the day. If prints don’t scare you, go ahead and play the total look card!
To have a harmonious decoration, match the wallpaper with your furniture. The latter must obviously be of 70’s inspiration (even vintage!). Because that’s the only concern with 70’s wallpaper: it does not match other styles of decor, unlike other vintage wallpapers.

Adhesive wallpapers

Adhesive wallpaper – Tiles


7 – Floral wallpaper to highlight an old parquet

The old parquet floors are full of charm ( just installed old parquet effect in my dressing room and let me tell you, they are amazing) . At a time when our interiors are looking for authenticity, show them off. And for that, nothing beats walls covered with retro wallpaper, to maintain a vintage feel. Complete with antique furniture.

8 – A watercolor style wallpaper for a soft decoration

Take inspiration from the kitchens of the 50s, in pastel shades. Watercolor-style wallpaper, whether with floral or abstract patterns, quickly achieves this effect. You can play the total look card, by installing it on all sections of the kitchen walls (excluding the cooking / dishes area), or you can use it to define a dining area in the room.

Kitchen designs Wall Murals

Wallpaper – Afternoon tea


How to bring a retro style to your interior?

Vintage wallpaper can be the finishing touch in a retro-inspired interior. In these cases, it is necessary to have harmony in the room, to have an authentic decoration. Vintage wallpapers are particularly suitable for furnishing 50’s or 70’s rooms, of Art Deco or Baroque inspiration. If you like colorful interiors, you can also take inspiration from the “Brocante” style. Mix the prints and retro wallpapers in the different rooms of the house. On the furniture side, the more it is mottled, the better!

Which are the mistakes to avoid ?

As with all interior work, there are certain mistakes to be avoided. If you want to use a vintage wall covering with a heavy pattern in a small room, choose a bright room. Also avoid mixing styles: a 70’s wallpaper is not suitable in an Art Deco or Baroque-inspired interior, for example.
Hanging wallpaper in a kitchen or bathroom is quite possible, as long as you avoid areas close to the sink or heavy wetted areas in the kitchen. For cooking, also avoid the cooking zones. No matter how strong a wallpaper can be or being advertize, it will never survive a year in such zones.
Thanks to these vintage wallpaper ideas, you now have all the information to embrace this trend in your interior. From the living room to the bedroom and the bathroom, this type of Wall mural is suitable for any room in the house!
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