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Wall decoration : Tips and ideas for the Living Room

In the living room, there is no question of leaving the walls bare and deprived of decoration. With a few nails or no nails, good ideas and a little imagination, the living room facades assert their personality with style. Overview of the best decorating tips for dressing living room walls …
The wall decoration of the living room is not to be neglected if you want to give style to this central room. Mirrors, accumulation of frames, corner shelves … Everything is good for decorating the walls of the living room, enhancing them or even camouflaging them! In this article, we will focus only on beautiful artworks converted into original pieces of wall art for your viewing pleasure. Make sure to take your time and read through this article because we will not only show you beautiful real images of successful artworks done for a living room but useful tips and tricks in order to use the most of your space to enhance & enlarge visually a living room wall, Lets Go.


Tips & Tricks for an eye catching Living Room Wall :

Do you feel cramped in certain rooms of your interior? Don’t panic: before pushing through the walls and changing the whole decor, you can count on some easy-to-implement tips that play on optical illusions to give the illusion that your room is bigger. Everything in life is about mindset ( this not some fake guru course so hear me out ), when you are in a good mood & your house is cleaned you feel at ease and well sounded but when your mind has some trouble in it, nothing make us better, we start thinking about changing the whole decoration for a home (we start mostly by the living room as it the most busy area in a home). Please don’t that when you are not right in there 🧠 . Making a purchase just because doesn’t change anything, this thing applies to Wall decoration as well, because this artwork will stay with you for years & years to come ( not talking about expensive artworks just a regular print can be a bad call if you are just in search for something to cover that plain wall in your living room, stop it, think about it, then do it)

Tip Number one : choose light colours

The first tip is to choose light colours for the walls: white, beige, ecru, pastel colours (light blue, mint, pink) … It’s no secret that light colours reflect the light better than dark colours, they give an impression of grandeur to your interior. This is also true for floors: the brighter your interior, the bigger it will look!
So we forget the dark walls and brown wooden floors and opt for light colours or even white, if you have dark floors, not a problem just pick a lighter coloured art wall to brighten your living room

Tip Number two : Cheating with paint ( Not Paintings )

If you are not a fan of wall decorations and want to visually enhance a living room with cramping too much artwork in walls (i know we sell Wall art but sometimes we hate when people put too much in their walls that’s why we recommend always buying 2 artwork for smaller homes & up to 4 for bigger homes). There are a few techniques in painting to cheat a bit and make your living room look bigger.
  • To make a living room that is too narrow: you can choose the back wall a darker color and the walls on either side a lighter shade. This will give an effect of depth and visually expand your room. Add one bright design artwork on a black wall.
  • To give height to a room: opt for a colored ceiling lighter than your walls and for a dark floor. Your gaze will be raised high! It optional to add a print but you can keep it simple in this situation.
  • To add depth: you can also paint the larger wall with a light paint and the other walls in a darker shade to create relief, choose a modern design artwork for optimal eye relief in a living room, as i’m writing this, i’m thinking of plain landscape designs, geometric designs and some depthy forest designs for this situation. You can also create a vanishing point by painting a wide horizontal strip on one of the walls, the same color as the entire opposite wall.
  • To lower a living room and make it wider: if your interior is high but small, crush the height by painting the floor and ceiling a dark color and the walls with a light paint. Choose Black & White designs or beautiful silhouettes in dark and light colors for optimal results.

What size of wall art should i choose for a living room?

When the time comes to choose a decorative painting for your living room, it is essential to know what size it should be. Good news, the living room is normally one of the largest rooms in your home and it is therefore easier to choose the right dimensions!
There are, however, a few rules to take into account so as not to choose your large-format decorative painting:
  1. The frame should not exceed two thirds of the length of your sofa in order to create a harmonious whole.
  2. Photos should be at least six inches above the edge of your furniture.
  3. A small painted picture cannot fill a large space, therefore it is important to accompany it with one or two other canvases so as not to create a feeling of emptiness without transforming your room into an art gallery!
  4. Also consider the height of your ceilings when choosing the size of the wall chart. Make sure the canvas fills the space both lengthwise and crosswise.

A Living Room Decoration That Looks Like You!

When i was talking about mindset earlier i was referring to be in an optimal condition to choose the right wall decoration to suit your needs and to push you back to that right state of mind everytime you turn your eyes and look back at that beautiful artwork of yours.
We really care about this stuff not as sellers but as human beings, go see a doctor, or a loved one to get you back to the right mindset ( or simply talk to us about anything in chat if you need someone, i’ll be here for you ) 
Ok enough with this encouragement stuff : The design decoration that you are going to choose must resemble you and thus highlight your personality or a passion. The painting / Print can be original but it must have a link with your character!
Whether it is a hobby for nature, animals or a character trait such as sincerity or kindness, the painting must convey these values which are dear to you. So this is the most personal part when choosing the best mural canvas for your living room!

What colors to choose for a print / painting in a living room?

The dominant colors in an artwork are very important in creating a successful interior design, and many people make mistakes when pairing them with the decor already in place.
First of all, add to your room a decorative canvas that highlights colors already present in your living room. Do not take risks and stay consistent with your decoration. Is a multi-colored motif a good idea on a single-colored section of wall, for example?
If the printed canvas is going to be the main work of art in your room, it is therefore necessary to make a reminder with the color of the wall on which the painting is going to be positioned.
You can use the same color but in different shades. Each color offers dozens of variations so draw in and indulge yourself. However, we advise you not to overdo too many different colors.
Using a mirror helps reflect the beauty of your wall art and thus creates a discreet color reminder. This method is very often used and always hits the mark to sublimate a reproduction on canvas in a living room.
You don’t know which colors to choose? The safest choice is to mix black and white. It will magnify your modern living room. Are you more of an animal lover? Then a sober and classy black and white lion painting might be the right choice. Or if you are more nature and floral side, the black and white flower painting will delight you with its simplicity and softness. Ideal for your simple and effective wall decoration. (Ding Ding Ad moment : Have a Look on our black & white premium canvas printings, ideal for a living room) 
Indeed, these two colors go with ABSOLUTELY all the colors and you will be able to create a magnificent atmosphere in your living room.
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Where to position your painting in your living room?

On the sofa:

In general, people are usually seated in a living room, so it is recommended to position the canvas artwork at eye level. There’s a great way to make sure you’re placing the painting at the right height: Hang it up by lifting your head slightly and following your gaze. In this case, a framed painting with a wooden frame can also be a good idea to bring depth to your room and a panoramic effect.

To a window:

If you have curtains, make sure there is enough space between the curtains and the walls so that the artwork doesn’t seem to take up all the available space. It is recommended to keep a distance of 5 cm between decorative paintings and a window.
The focal point of a room should be at eye level. No one has to twist their necks to appreciate the beauty of your painting!
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Respect the decoration already there !

Abstract or contemporary paintings / prints ? Have you built your house around a central theme? Even if you didn’t start with this intention, many buyers choose items based on a theme. For example a vintage, minimalist, warm, zen wall decoration or modern art. Modern paintings with pastel colorings are the trend of 2021 so make the most of it!
Homes with a theme are easy to decorate because you can quickly eliminate items that do not match your theme and thus focus on the decorative items that best suit your living room. 
Homes with no themes are not easy to decorate because it all depends on the mood of the buyer, most buyers with mood issues will choose the designs that are supercharged or represent an element missing in a person ( can be lack of anger, motivation or even a will to be), buyers with stable mood tend to use more neutral designs with eye easing colorings, so change your mindset before deciding making a purchase. The rest of this article will be a showcase of our products, so if you are not in the mood for looking for artwork, give it another day/ month or even a year, save this article for future references
I really hope that this article has helped you see more clearly and that you can choose your perfect canvas for your living room with ease and efficiency! Do not forget to look at the wide choice of decorative paintings that we offer, you will inevitably find the one that corresponds to your tastes!

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