Mesmerizing Wallpaper trends of 2022

Mesmerizing Wallpaper trends in 2022

Wallpaper creators have understood that it’s hard to bring your walls to life with wallpaper. Because if we’ve every reason to like it, there’s still one detail which will still cool the foremost reckless of us: wallpaper isn’t always very easy to hold. Glue, scissors, brushes, tape measure: it requires good equipment and a particular concentration.

Luckily, a brand new generation of wallpapers is commencing to emerge and make our job easier. Called self adhesive or repositionable wallpapers, they often incorporates a conventional non-woven paper side and a self-adhesive side. This adhesive face system facilitates installation since it’s now sufficient to position the paper from the highest of the wall and to stay it with a cloth right along it (one step, however, easier for 2 than alone, this is often the sole downside!). To top it off, it will be repositioned, not indefinitely, of course, but at the time of installation it will be peeled off / re-glued two to 3 times to seek out the most effective position. you may be wondering what’s wrong with this revolutionary coating? He has none. Its price remains reasonable and in terms of patterns and colours, it offers a variety as wide as traditional wallpaper. Small selection in support!

In this article, you will discover all the 2022 trends in wall decoration. We all know it: wallpaper has been a great success in recent years because it will allow you to give your interior a unique soul. So without further ado, let get going :

Children collection wall decoration :

We take pride showing you these amazing wallpaper trends of 2022 for children, a non woven organic self adhesive wallpaper is the best choice for your kid’s room simply because they cause no health issues ( read this article to learn more about the health risk of bad quality wallpapers at home ) and they are wonderful in term of design, simple colors, amazing shapes that evokes creativity in our children’s mind :

The Trompe l'oeil & 3D univers wall decoration :

This self adhesive wallpaper collection is what we are best known for, over 7 years we developed beautiful designs for customers to decorate their modern flats or homes, this year is no different, we bring you the 3D trompe l’oeil wallpapers for accent walls:

Scandinavian & tropical wall decorations :

This year, a combination of minimal scandinavian design mixed with heavy tropical motif will give you a new perspective in design, this will be a niche trends amongst the people who love to mix minimalistic design with heavy natural motifs, the results are below :

urban & abstract wall decoration :

An Adhesive mural doesn’t have to be traditional or minimal in design, abstract & urban art is very known for its vibrant colors and heavy motifs, usually teens bedroom or dorm room are the only two places that you can spot these, in 2022, this are a bit different as these category of wallpaper design can be also a perfect idea for adults bedroom or anywhere in a home ( except the kitchen of course, we don’t want you to hang these in a heavy traffic area as it can disrupt the mind and get you feeling a bit anxious around these places ) ;

Panoramic and landscape wall decorations :

The easiest choice to make, people often goes for panoramic landscape designs such as a forest or coucher du soleil scene, these are very trendy collections that everybody can go for and make it their own, this year we have created an additional collection for you :

Flora and Floral land wall decorations :

Customers are more likely to love a floral wallpaper, it brings peace and joy in any room, this trendy wallpaper collection is ideal for a bedroom or a private room, why? because we want to feel better when we are inclosed alone and want to look at something comforting, if you seek calmness and peace, look for floral adhesive wallpapers, it will do the job :  

Beautiful sceneries around the world wall decorations :

People who loves wallpapers, really opt for architectural style wall decoration to decorate their living room, an adhesive wallpaper is just a quick & sure way to achieve that without caring too much about how should we install it, just peel and stick on a wall, if you made an error, just remove and re stick again, just don’t forget the bubbles…


Adhesive wallpapers

Adhesive wallpaper – Route 66


We really hope that you like our selection of wallpaper trends for 2022, to anyone who wishes to know about our new designs, please click this page to redirect you directly to the 2022 self adhesive collection by Wall Designers.


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