Wallpapers and Paintings ideas for your Kitchen

Wallpaper and Painting Ideas for Kitchen and dining rooms

We like to meet in our kitchens to share a moment of conviviality. It is also one of the everyday rooms where we underestimate the time we spend there. For this moment to be as pleasant as possible, the atmosphere that reigns there must resemble you. The aesthetic universe of your kitchen or dining room is all the more important. In Scandinavian, neoclassical, sleek monochrome or modern style, the kitchen wall decoration adapts to allow you to personalize the room.  In this article we will show you some of the best wallpapers and painting ideas for kitchen and dining rooms that you can use now.

How to decorate the walls of your kitchen?

A 2020 – 2021 trend that looks great in your kitchen: mosaics. Either in ceramic or in adhesive printing, the mosaics dress your walls with colors and patterns to give them pep and elegance. Like a strip of wallpaper, this kitchen wall decor gives the right dose of chic. In monochrome or bichrome, the tiles will give an elegant and modern style. In color, they offer you more originality and more tone. A nice way to adopt a kitchen in the color of your choice without having to redo all the paint. Remember : Wall decoration in a kitchen is all about accentuate and enhancing not total redo.

The great classic of Mediterranean ( notably moroccan & tunisian mosaic art) wall decorations, cement tiles are revisited. Easy to install, they adorn your walls with pretty graphic and poetic lines. An ideal style in combination with a white family kitchen. Even if the rest of your decoration is refined, the credenza will create a relief effect.

You only need one roll to decorate up to 10 meters in length, don’t over do the tiles or mosaic in the kitchen, you will need to accentuate not to over decorate a kitchen 

A functional wall decoration for your kitchen

To avoid cluttering your kitchen, your wall decoration is mostly utilitarian. Thanks to the multiple shelves, you can put your decorative objects there. Flower pots, glass jars with spices of all colors or your recipe books, everyone will find a place. Exposed, everyday objects become ornaments. For lovers of well-organized interiors, you will have multiple storage spaces as a bonus.

Another practical and decorative idea: the hanging panel. With magnets, it allows you to put your shopping list, the numbers of your loved ones or any other message. Extremely practical for multi-group kitchen organization. Charming little memos and reminders. In the XXL version, the photo doors create a garland of good memories. Attached to a pretty pin, your postcards and photos give you the opportunity to personalize your decor. A mini art gallery ideal for your snapshots.

Enter the Pinboard Wall decorations : They are ideal for a kitchen, with its layer of cork, it will replace that refrigerator stickers with this sleek and functional design. More natural and sober, opt for a cork board. This natural material will create a color harmony with a refined style or a Scandinavian kitchen universe. A nice reminder with baskets, jars with cork lids and macramé.

Top Trends for a beautiful kitchen and dining room wall decorations

We know that not all of us have time for reading, so i will cut this short and only show you some of our creations in terms of paintings and wallpapers that are designed especially for Kitchens and dining rooms, every image shown in this collection will link directly to a product page from where you can have all the informations about prices best practices and clients reviews about the product. 


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