What are the health risk of having wallpaper at home

What are the health risk of having wallpaper at home

When buying wallpaper for residential premises, consumers first of all should think about their environmental characteristics. Indeed, there are currently a large number of unscrupulous manufacturers who make wallpapers from insufficient quality and reliable materials. Also, if your family has a small child, the issue of safety is the most important issue when choosing wall covering options. As vinyl wallpaper becomes more and more popular, consumers are starting to wonder why are they environmentally friendly and harmless enough for human health? Let’s find out.
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Dangerous properties of wallpaper

When it comes to vinyl wallpaper safety, this usually means two main aspects:
  • the cleanliness of the materials used in their manufacture.
  • How safe is vinyl wallpaper during operation, depending on various external factors.
In order to find the answer to the question of whether vinyl wallpaper is harmful or not, you need to familiarize yourself with the information on their composition. You’ve probably heard that vinyl wallpaper consists of two main layers: the inside layer is paper or, and the outside is vinyl or polyvinyl chloride, in scientific terms.
Usually, it is this name that confuses consumers, as it is a complex chemical compound and, therefore, can be dangerous to human health.
In fact, this material has several negative characteristics, but they are not essential for our health. The peculiarity of polyvinyl chloride is that it is a fairly durable material that does not allow moisture, vapor and air to pass through.
These properties provide ease of maintenance of vinyl wallpaper (cleaning and removing dust), but prevent air exchange in your room. Due to this, unwanted microorganisms and fungi can grow under the inner layer of the wallpaper, which can lead to various diseases. Here is where the main harm of vinyl wallpaper.
Dangerous components in their composition can not only worsen your well-being, but also lead to various diseases, including allergies to vinyl wallpaper.
Remember! The cheaper the vinyl wallpaper you buy, the more likely it is to have characteristics that could adversely affect human health. WE HIGHLY ADVISE TO NOT BUY WALLPAPERS FROM ANY CHINESE WEBSITES or large surfaces that propose chinese made wallpapers as it can not be reliable and could be really bad for your health.
If you are seriously wondering whether vinyl wallpapers are harmful or not, we advise you to pay attention to the characteristics of their production  ( READ THE FINE PRINT PLEASE ) and the labeling of the rolls when purchasing. Plus safe vinyl wallpapers are trademarks of European and UK manufacturers, as it is in these countries that there is increased control over compliance with international quality standards.
Some manufacturers (Germany, France and others) include various antifungal components, which gives them additional reliability and the ability to use them in rooms with high humidity, for example, in a bathroom.
A hallmark of cheap vinyl wallpaper is lack of ability to circulate air, in other words, they prevent your walls from breathing, but at the moment some manufacturers produce types of wallpaper, which include a special material with micropores, thanks to which vinyl wallpaper can pass air.
Another risk to human health and well-being is the fact that vinyl wallpaper contains formaldehyde, which when evaporated is quite harmful, and the weathering process itself is quite long and can take several years. years.
However, some experts who study this issue claim that the volumes of the evaporated substance are insignificant in order to cause serious damage.
In order for vinyl wallpapers to be strong, durable and attractive to buyers, they use a large number of plasticizers, stabilizers, dyes and other chemicals, which can also affect the negative rating of consumers.
But, you have to admit that these elements surround us from all sides and can be found in almost every interior item, however, that doesn’t stop us from continuing to use them.
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How to minimize damage due to use?

To keep vinyl wallpaper damage to a minimum, we recommend that you follow several procedures when purchasing and using them:

When buying vinyl wallpaper, be sure to pay attention to its composition, manufacturer and availability of environmental labeling … Do not buy wallpaper at minimum cost – the lower it is, the more you are likely to regret your choice;
in order for the vinyl wallpaper to serve you for a long time, but at the same time not harm your health and the health of your child, periodically exercise it exterior cleaning with detergents;
in order to solve the problem of periodic evaporation of harmful substances, we advise as much as possible to ventilate the room more often, and, if possible, install special ventilation devices.

Vinyl wallpaper is harmful to health if improperly used, so it is better to adhere to these rules. If you are unable to perform these procedures, but are concerned about the safety of vinyl wallpaper, we recommend that you do not paste them in living quarters or in rooms where there are constantly a large number of people.

The modern world of decoration is constantly changing and improving. You don’t have to wallpaper all your walls now. In recent years, the range of materials for finishing works has increased significantly, especially the number of different types of wallpaper has increased.
One of the most unique types of beauty is non-woven vinyl wallpaper. Due to so many qualities, they have taken a prominent place in the wallpaper world and hold it firmly. The beauty of vinyl wallcoverings, their durability and the ability to wash them have made this finishing material very popular among consumers.
According to experts, the popularity of this material will only increase. The great popularity of this material and its relatively low cost lead many consumers to question whether non-woven vinyl wallpaper is harmful to health or not. IN THIS SECTION WE WILL EXPOSE THE TRUTH (Just to make it dramatically readable lol)

Composition of non-woven vinyl wallpaper

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The composition of vinyl wallpaper is certainly not environmentally friendly. Their main characteristics depend only on the components used in production.
What is nonwoven? Non-woven is a type of cellulose-based paper. Flazeline wallpaper is a paper-based material. Fine strands of cellulose are carefully layered and pressed. Then, for a long time, the material is impregnated with special impregnations, a material similar to fabrics or durable paper is obtained. Such a material is not afraid of tears, moisture, abrasion and even, to a certain extent, exposure to high temperatures.
With the continued production, the non-woven linen goes through the painting stage. In addition to room wallpaper, non-woven wallpaper is also used to make other materials widely used in everyday life (printing and sewing items).
In our time, there is a lot of non-woven wallpaper. There are two main types of non-woven wallpaper:
  1. restoration for painting – wallpaper, as a rule, white with different patterns, such wallpaper can be subjected to repeated stains;
  2. colored with a pattern applied to them (including photo wallpaper).

Non-woven wallpaper has a natural composition. They are durable and lend themselves to repeated stains. There is also another type of wallpaper which is very similar but different from non-woven wallpaper. This type of wallpaper is vinyl on a non-woven basis.

There is no doubt about the popularity of this type of wallpaper, but few consumers question whether non-woven vinyl wallpaper is harmful to health.
Non-woven vinyl wallpaper is made from a wide variety of chemical components which can be harmful to human health.
The answer to the question of whether non-woven vinyl wallpaper is harmful will be unambiguous – they can harm health to a certain degree.
Vinyl is a thermoplastic polymer of vinyl chloride and is a virtually transparent plastic. If vinyl is present in the composition of the wallpaper in a volume of up to several percent, then such wallpaper is already capable of having a detrimental effect on the human body.
Vinyl is a material widely used in various fields of human endeavor. It is widely used as an insulator. The polymer has a certain degree of toxicity, especially when exposed to high temperatures.

The health Risks of Vinyl Wallpapers for Humans

Non-woven vinyl wallpaper contains a number of harmful chemical components. The amount of components harmful to health in the composition of the wallpaper may vary depending on the manufacturer of the product.
The vinyl used for the production of non-woven wallpaper is a component of the finishing material that is harmful to the body.
This wallpaper has some advantages – it does not tear, crease, partially burn.
Such wallpaper is a finishing material that is badly damaged when exposed to it, but this wallpaper, in addition to its chemical composition, has a number of other disadvantages.

Among the main disadvantages of these wallpapers are:

  • They accumulate dirt and dust that are difficult to remove in the relief layers. Accumulation of dust can cause allergic reactions.
  • Such wallpapers do not pass air, that is, they “do not breathe”, accumulate moisture, which allows various fungi and microorganisms to develop. With a long stay in a room covered with vinyl wallpaper, a person feels a lack of oxygen.
  • A year or two after gluing, they start to emit polyvinyl chloride, which is carcinogenic and very toxic. The chemicals quickly damage the human respiratory and nervous systems.
  • Even more toxic substances are released when heated. These wallpapers are capable of emitting toxic compounds even when heated by direct sunlight.
  • Non-vinyl wallpaper is very harmful to human health. Harmful to health, both the vinyl itself and its paint. Vinyl wallpaper is harmful to health. There is no doubt that they cause a number of the most harmful lazy diseases, mainly of the respiratory tract. A person constantly in such conditions poisons his body.
  • These wallpapers have a negative effect on small children. Children develop various types of allergies, problems with the functioning of the respiratory and nervous systems, formaldehydes easily enter the circulatory system. Diseases of the cardiovascular system are common.

Vinyl wallpapers are a health hazard, but their demand is not decreasing. Quality manufacturer paid ads and top notch features make them very popular. Most people care about beauty first, and only then about health, since the damage caused by such wallpaper to the body is insignificant.

This finishing material is environmentally friendly. Non-vinyl wallpaper breathes, which prevents moisture build-up in the room and under them on the walls and prevents the appearance of mold and mildew.
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What to look for when buying wallpaper for home decoration?

I know i’ve been throwing some big words in this article to help you understand the bad and the good in these well known types of wallpapers. What to look for when buying ?

  • Don’t buy from unknown sources of wallpapers
  • Avoid buying Vinyl Wallpaper of Non Woven Vinyl Wallpaper
  • We recommend buying Only non Woven Wallpapers
  • Check for environmental friendly wallpapers ( should be announced in websites like ours )
  • Check for A+ (++) Manufacturers ( very not hard to find thanks to Mr Google)
  • The Closer the manufacturer is the best ( search for manufacturers in the UK or EU : we work with both)
  • For the love of God, please avoid non EU / UK manufacturers (Unless they have been validated by proof of work)
  • Printers, should be only thermal, no other way, thermal printing eliminate all smal harmful particles in the inc.
  • Want to check a company out? Contact me via : hart@walldesigners.uk I’ll give you whatever you want, i’m only concern with the health of the buyer. Not all companies declare their certifications, ask them for them, after all it your money you’ll be spending, they are required by law to disclose all info needed to a safe buying

How to choose the right wallpaper?

Choosing an eco-friendly wallpaper will keep your own health and that of your family. The choice of wallpaper should be approached more than seriously, taking into account not only their beauty, but also a number of other indicators:
When choosing wallpaper, you should pay attention to the following nuances:
  • You need to familiarize yourself with all the technical characteristics of the wallpaper.
  • You have to pay attention to the manufacturer of the product. Wallpapers from European and domestic manufacturers are of high quality. It is strongly advised not to buy cheap Chinese wallpapers, which are very unhealthy.
  • You need to study the composition of the materials from which the wallpaper is made. Determine if it meets the sanitary and epidemiological conclusion.
  • It is necessary to decide whether the price of the product corresponds to its quality. The price of wallpaper of a particular type should be about the same, if the price is much lower than the average, the quality of this wallpaper will be low.
If, nevertheless, vinyl wallpaper is pasted in the house, you need to know and use measures that should minimize their impact on human health.
This wallpaper should be wiped dust more often, the room should be constantly ventilated, the wallpaper should not be near the source of the flame or heaters; when heated, vinyl releases poison. It is not recommended to stay in rooms with vinyl wallpaper all the time.
It is better to glue on vinyl wallpaper in rooms where a person does not constantly stay – these are passage rooms, hallways, closets.
These wallpapers do not harm human health.
What are the advantages of non-woven wallpaper:
  • Respect the environment. 70% of the wallpaper material is cellulose and other environmentally friendly materials.
  • Strength and ductility.
  • Moisture resistance and fire resistance.
  • Possibility of many spots.
  • Easy to clean and durable.
Thus, non-woven fabrics have almost the same performance as vinyl fabrics. This finishing material may be inferior to vinyl wallpaper only in terms of color and relief. Good quality non-woven wallpaper can last almost as long as vinyl wallpaper and will not have any harmful effect on humans.
Paper wallpapers are inferior to vinyl wallpapers in beauty, but they are more environmentally friendly. Ae, Scratch that ( ads time ), we promise you that our wallpapers are even beautiful in reality, please have a look around the site and see for yourself, we produce only the best quality / environmentally friendly and perfect for your health as they never release any chemicals in the years of it uses, very breathable and easily washable or removable. Ok i’m done with the ad now, sorry.
It was a large number of paper wallpapers that were common before the advent of non-woven and vinyl wallpapers. This type of wallpaper is widespread in our time, although it has lost its market leadership.
By purchasing non-woven or paper wallpaper, you can be sure of your health and that of your family.


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